Market 519: 1959 – 1960 Sprint or Spider engine 1315*011859 for sale

Giulietta Sprint 10102/10105 or Spider 10103/10104 engine 1315*011859.  Leo in Italy contacted me offering up this engine.  It is fairly complete, and of course should be rebuilt.  I can’t comment on 4500 Euro price – I haven’t shopped for an engine for my Sprint ever.  The closer to “matching” this is to your Sprint or Spider that needs a correct engine, the more value it should have to you.  How would you decide if it’s matching?  Check it out – a little extrapolation (or is it interpolation?)…

Sprint 10105*20825 has engine 1315*011167

Sprint 10105*21125 has engine 1315*012133

around Sprint 21000 seems close enough.

Spider 10103*08359 has engine 1315*011500

Spider 10103*08742 has engine 1315*012723.

around Spider 08500 seems close enough.

Email me if you are interested.


All the little pieces add up.  Oil pan, fan, generator, valve cover, cams etc.  Would be nice to get it all at once.


Flywheel is kind of a hard to find part.  The more un-cut the head, the better.


No dip stick.


It’s fun to take these apart and even more fun to put the surgically clean parts back together again.


6 thoughts on “Market 519: 1959 – 1960 Sprint or Spider engine 1315*011859 for sale

    • The font and spacing looks exactly like that on the engine in my Sprint. The whole engine looks pretty greasy, and it’s probably just grease in the stamping making it look like Sharpie marker.

      And, if you were going to fake an engine number, why do a relatively low value number like this when you could do an 00120 or 1315*3##### instead?


  1. I have two 1959 750 Sprint engine and a late 1959 101 Sprint engine for sale. I might them for sale on this site.

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