Market 518: Ex Mexico Sprint in UK 750B 07473

Giulietta Sprint 750B 1493*07473, 1315*06684.  This late second series Sprint 750B is available in the UK on eBay.  Price is about $28,000 with 32 bids as I type.  It was originally a Mexico market car, so would have been partially assembled by Willys Overland – in one of those “make work” trade deals Alfa had in a few countries.  This car looks to have a well applied coat of paint and presents pretty well, but many parts are missing, some quite tricky to locate, that the seller hopefully has – I would get a list before buying.  Not the best pictures either, unless you are the kind that can buy a car based on eight similar shots of the nose.

s-l500 (4)

Front trim looks good at this distance.  Rims will need painting.  Windshield trim is missing.  Not easy to find in good shape if you need it.

s-l500 (6)

Hard to tell whats going on in the engine compartment.  No air cleaner, build plates, high beam relays, latch etc.  Assume you will have a lot to do.  Nice thing is the engine number matches.

s-l500 (7)

That’s a 750 Spider or pre Sprint 06611 front grill.  Hood fit looks pretty good.

s-l500 (8)


s-l500 (9)

More numbers.  Look at how thick the dust is on the dip stick tube.

s-l1600 (2)

I didn’t know you could cram so many wrong things in the same picture.    Hopefully the Kenwood cassette deck doesn’t have a custom hole cut to fit it.  Headlight switch is Lucas?  I couldn’t go 5 minutes with beige vinyl on a Sprint dash top.  Would be the first thing I did to it.

s-l1600 (3)

Someone went crazy polishing the sill trim.  Actually managed to remove the pattern figured into the metal.


Nice tan carpet.  


2 thoughts on “Market 518: Ex Mexico Sprint in UK 750B 07473

  1. Interesting to see the sill plate covers with the “Carrozzeria Bertone” script. I have also seen an early 750 Sprint with just “Giulietta Sprint” on that panel. My own car (also an early 750) has nothing – just plain aluminium plates. What is correct for a ’55 750 Sprint?

    • I have been studying early cars over the last few weeks -first thousand or so, and I think they had plain sill plates.


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