Market 517: Spider 10484 up for auction in UK

Giulietta Spider 10103*10484, 00536*15683 (not original!).   H&H will be auctioning (actually probably was auctioned a few hours before I started writing) this Spider.  Estimate is 50 – 55,000 British Pounds.  Looks to be a nice example, but is not super original under the hood or, er bonnet ( I always get this Little House on the Prairie image in my head when I hear/say/type bonnet).  With a bigger engine and engine compartment painted black, this will be more along the lines of what some prospective buyers want.


This hedge corner looks made for auction sale photographs.  Rim paint looks a tiny bit blue-ish.  Very tidy car.


I like this iteration of Spider tail lights.  Trunk (boot) sits as though it has a new gasket pushing it outward.     Darker red than I usually expect from a Spider, but I don’t see much of a shadow, so it cold just be the absence of the sun/


Rear view is not correct, dash top is in body color. Neither is difficult to fix.  Good looking interior.


I’m guessing the windshield washer bottle is electric and practical for a rainy country.  Lots to change if you are so inclined, but as is it is serviceable and attractive, with quality workmanship having gone into it.


I wonder if the car was black at one point, or if the refurbisher decided a black engine compartment would be cool.  Positive ID.


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