Market 323: Black Plate Sprint project 10105*21083

Update October 5 2015: Incase you spent the last 4 years wishing you had bought this car – well, you get another chance.  It’s back on eBay.  Looks to have been improved a bit, but still has a ways to go.


Paint is looking pretty good these days.  Grill is still from an early 750B or Spider.  Good luck adding a front bumper if that’s something you would care about.

Update September 5 2011: Wow, $25,800 is pretty serious for this car.  Ummm, maybe I should stop driving mine every day?  Nah.

Giulietta Sprint 10105 1493*21083This car is on eBay right now out of Temecula in southern California.  Car wears its original California black plate but none of the originality usually associate with a black plate car.  A lot of difficult to source trim is missing, engine is incorrect, interior is mostly wrong components with incorrect finish among other things.  It runs and drives (yay) but will require a lot to be original.  Would make a great beginning for a CSRG or other vintage racing group car.  Looks nice though.

Don’t get me wrong, it is a nice looking example.  Sprints are good cars, this example would bring a smile to your face every time you drove it.  I don’t mind the lack of badges, bumpers or hubcaps, but the trim that runs along the top of the rockers is necessary to the shape.

Black plate should be verified as original by a prospective buyer -not that I doubt the seller, but you just have to make sure if it’s important to you.  Reflectors that go between the tail lights and bumper are missing, as is the bumper, trunk badges and ‘airplane’.  In another picture it can be seen that the license plate brackets are missing.  The lip that acts as the seem between the lover valence, trunk floor and body has been removed -likely during rust repair.  Seller says they have some of the original parts -get a complete list -even little stuff is expensive.

Not fabulous but also not bad when you consider all the ones that have passed through these pages.  Plastic fan, blue duct, bundle of red wire etc are not original for starters.  It does run though and they’re not asking the moon for it so this is all fine.

Ladies and Gentlemen -that is a 101 Giulia 1600 engine from mid-1962.  No wonder it’s peppy.

The engine number it should have.

Gauges are also Giulia items -most likely 1600 Spider.  Not sure where that rear view mirror came from.  Nardiesque steering wheel is interesting a Sprint.  Originals are tough to find and expensive these days (Hi Laurence).

Rear seat is pure make-believe and funny since restoring it to correct would have been much cheaper than what you see back here.  Not sure where the seats came from… 70’s Spider without headrests?  Can’t really tell but definitely not original. 

Battery lived on the other side of this panel.  See that black jagged line?  Probably rustSee that cloth?  Probably fiberglass backing used when they lip was removed from the car and the gap it left was filled.  All questions you need to ask before placing a bid or offer.  I’m just sayin’…

I feel like I’ve judged it harshly, but it comes form having had several Sprint projects over the years.  How about this: This is a good running/driving/looking Sprint that’s probably rust free and ready for fun -that alone puts it in the ballpark of the $25,800 asking price for sure.


5 thoughts on “Market 323: Black Plate Sprint project 10105*21083

  1. I don’t see the jack receivers under the rocker panels and there appears to be a gap in the lower rockers. Thanks Bill P

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