Market 513: 1956 Sprint 02586 in Spain

Giulietta 750B 1493*02586, 1315*02411.  Update October 3 2015: You all can thank Marco of SquadraAlfaRomeoMadeira fame for getting more pictures and info on this car. The condition of this car is just right for my taste in cars, having a light patina, but being very presentable.  Marco didn’t get a price for me.  I have to wonder how many early Sprints are surviving at this point since there are half a dozen or more on the market right now.  Are there any others on the market I missed?

October 1 2015: More of an SOS than anything.  Any of you kind readers who is fluent in Spain Spanish care to inquire about this car for me?  Maybe get the vin and engine numbers, a picture or two more?  They have a regular website but of course this car is not on it.  Thanks!


Bertone red at this point is a pretty deep and kind of old-world looking compared to Pininfarina red with its hint of orange.  Small headlights really change the character of the front.

unnamed-1 I have yet to put these badges on my Sprint.  I’ve had them in a box for years.  Always figured I’d get the car painted first. 


Think of all the times over the last 60 years a shoe scraped across this threshold trim plate.  That din’t was probably a dropped big can of sardines.


Second verse, same as the first.


Are these Carello marker lights?  I usually think the little glass button turn signal lights are Lucas, but it seems weird to have Carello and Lucas lights on the front of the same car.


I have seen many many “Help I need small headlight Sprint headlight parts.” posts over the years.  Neat.


Can anyone comment on how efficacious the window washer is in an early sprint?  That decal on the windshield is kinda cool looking.


No trim surround on the Alfa badge back here.  Oversight, or maybe the lack is not just a Veloce thing.  These tail lights are from 59-61 Spiders, not sure they were ever meant for Sprints.  I would think this would have the early, non-Lucas Sprint tail lights.

unnamed-9 unnamed-10

Looks good under here.  Anyone know what the badge between the washer bottle and regulator is about?  Maybe a Spanish import plate?  Anyone?


I like this interior.  I’ve seen a lot of different 750B interiors, I doubt this is original, but that’s okay, it’s part of this car now and it looks inviting.


3 thoughts on “Market 513: 1956 Sprint 02586 in Spain

  1. The front turn lights look like those from a Spider. The original lights from my ’57 are plastic Carellos and are pointed/bullet shaped.

    The tail lights are the common reproduction type. They fit and are much less expensive that the “2 bar lenses”, but they also do not look as good.

    Nice car!

    • They do look like Spider turn signal lights from the early 60’s now that you mention it. I wasn’t aware that this series tail light was available in repro.


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