Market 507: 1957 Spider Veloce 750F*01970 at Fantasy Junction

Update October 2 2015:  I took the day off work to do some really fun stuff like go to a Dr. appointment and get my daily VW oil changed and smogged, and I was rolling by FJ and thought – hey, why not, and stopped in.  I gotta say, this car is REALLY nice in person.  Spencer told me it looks like it’s probably sold, but like Indiana Jones, in the opening of Raiders of the Lost Ark, you could probably swoop in and grab your hat before the door gets all the way down.  Commendable restoration for sure.


If you licked it, it might taste like cherry or watermelon jolly rancher candy.

Giulietta Spider Veloce 750F 1495*01970, 1315*32969.  This car is available from Fantasy Junction in Emeryville Ca for $145,000.  I get asked most often if I know of any 1957 Spider Veloce’s for sale – well, here is one!  Car looks very well restored, though I’m sure there is one or two of you right now seething at some incorrect minutiae.  The engine number is not in the correct range (1315*30267 – 30761) for this year car, but as I commented* on my “What year…” post (see below), Veloce engines blew up and were replaced.  This old post has a discussion of what it may mean.  The restorer did us a favor and stamped a new build plate with the number for the engine in the car – that won’t cause any confusion in 50 years.

spider front

Looking good – has that wet lollipop sheen that somehow triggers heightened desire.  I have worked on a lot of these cars, I can tell you it is an astonishing amount of work to get to this point from a bare shell in need of rust repair (not saying this needed rust repair – just that its a ton of work to get a car together from a shell to yum).


Amazing.  Some of you eschew the stickers.  I think it’s okay – they will only last a few years then leave a darkened adhesive ghost behind.


This looks better than the top side of most Giulietta’s I write about.


Again, a ton of work to get this right.  No over-spray on door jamb  bolt heads.  Bravo.

build plate

Not original, but it ties things together nicely.

engine number

Last Veloce engine was 33000.

spider rear

If it drives as good as it looks, it will be amazing.

*”Caveat II: 750 Veloce engines: Veloces were driven hard.  Cars were crashed and engines blew up catastrophically and replacements were required.  These were found most often from Normales, but occasionally as transplants from wrecked Veloces or even blank factory replacement blocks.  Sometimes these replacements were reworked to factory Veloce Spec, usually they were not.  Your Veloce is still a Veloce without its original Veloce engine, the rarer the Veloce the more so this is the case, and the less it really matters.  If you have a Veloce and the engine number doesn’t make sense with what you are reading here, your car doesn’t have its original engine.  Read that again so I don’t have to repeat it.  I have had numerous conversations with owners who swear they have the exception to the rule… a Veloce with a factory installed Normale block -how could it not be original, it was done so well!!”


15 thoughts on “Market 507: 1957 Spider Veloce 750F*01970 at Fantasy Junction

    • I know – but I like the contrast and it speaks to a high level of attention to detail. Could be a diversion I suppose, to make me think its seen more attention to detail than it has.


  1. What do people think about the newly stamped number plate? Are the non-european number forms and distortions from the heavy hand on the hammer enough to make clear that is is not original? Or should it be done, but with an extra symbol or other “telltale” to indicate that it is a reproduction plate? Or should the engine number simply not be stamped, the area left blank?

    • Tony,

      I will take the libertarian view – it’s your car that you have spent a zillion dollars or hours on, do as you wish.

      That said, I think that the case of this car deserves an asterisk -it was obviously built to be resold – albeit with a level of care few would give to something they didn’t intend to keep, but there it is. What is appropriate? I like the re-stamped new plate – adds a nice finishing touch. I just shouldn’t have to be the guy that has to point out that the engine isn’t the original one. I’m the guy with the website though…

      Thanks for the comment!

    • Mille Miglia eligibility is one thing. Getting in is an entirely different thing. It’s a club of sorts, and a 57 Veloce Spider is not going to get in unless you are in that club.

      Bill sent me pictures of your Sprint – pretty amazing looking now.

      • I agree that “Mille Miglia eligible” is a marketing designation, but it seems to have market value. There are Swiss dealers who get cars into the event and then sell them to people who want to participate.

      • MM eligible as marketing is like “California Black Plate”. It only means something if you care, and how much you care matches the deepness of your pockets.

        Sounds like the Swiss dealer is “in the club”. I don’t mean this negatively, but rather mean to acknowledge it is a commercial enterprise, and these have certain realities.


  2. Interesting debate on the repro chassis plate. I have an Abarth DB that has a period correct, but not numbers-matching engine. I also had a repro tag made as the original was lost. However, I had my done in the correct fonts and I used the original engine number (which is known) on the tag, rather than the number of the installed engine.

    • There are levels of nuance to this stuff that you have to come up with your own rationalization on. I wouldn’t be surprised if the seller had the original build plate.

      Abarth DB is a good parallel example on the engine originality front – not many made, so having the correct, if not matching engine doesn’t hurt is value much if at all.


    • Not a lot of 57 Spider Veloces were made. FJ is about what the market will bear. Not sure it will bear asking, but I would be surprised if it doesn’t get close. FJ also has a lot of brand cache, that’s how they have stayed in business successfully for so long. I would buy from them.


      • Totally agree. FJ is great — and I understand they would likely sell this for less. Just a little sticker shock.

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