Market 514: Sprint 750B 00356 in Indonesia

Giulietta Sprint 750B 1493*00356.  Listed on Anamera out of Indonesia.  I thought I saw this car out of US east coast on eBay at one point.  Maybe the eBay seller was really in Indonesia?  It’s early and it’s rough, but it is not hopeless…


If it was local I’d go have a look for sure.  Looks to have been well used, but left too long in the rain.  Should have the short windshield?


First picture appears to have a busted nose, but these all look pretty straight.


Column shift lever is hanging down.  Interior doesn’t look terrible. 


Scary sure, but there, with plugs in the holes and head nuts in place.  I wonder what the engine number is?


And the back side.



6 thoughts on “Market 514: Sprint 750B 00356 in Indonesia

  1. Matt- Just want to say that I’m very glad you’re “back” and I’ve really been enjoying your posts and looking at all these different cars from all over the world. Please keep it up!

  2. Yup, That’s the car Daniel Rapley sold. Bought mine there the same day. Ill agree with Mark- glad Matt is back doing his great thing.

  3. HI, It was a scam, I attempted to buy it, he even had local papers in his name. The thing that killed it for me was he wanted to use his friend for shipping.I thought the background to the pics was wrong and he had some parts for a Firebird for sale as well but again the background was different again. I now have a 55 sprint to rebuild and am looking for small rear light units an dthe number plate lamp unit.

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