Market 512: Minty early Sprint 750B 00977 in Italy

Giulietta 750B 1493*00977, 1315*01023, Body 65970.  Yesterday I was really excited about Sprint 00656, today I am, if possible, more excited about Sprint 00977 available form the same seller.  I’m more of a green guy than a red guy, and this car just looks right to me.  I realize it probably has some originality deficiencies that someone with more authority than me will point out, but thats okay, I’d take it just as it is.  I have seen 3 sub-1000 Sprints come on the market in the last few weeks, must be a virus that’s going around.

Anyone near enough to go verify the body number and give us a test drive or in-person review?


That is a great car in a great color.  I wonder how original it was before the restoration?  Looks to have rolled lip rims still.  Even has the neat little turn signal lights and jack point covers.


I like how the Italian plates are contoured tot he trunk lid.  


Green on green with gray.  Steering wheel looks big.  Horn button is from a later car.


Four beaver tail switches and a blank off?  Nice door panel.


Clean block.


The right air cleaner, not sure about the wash bottle – correct enough for me.


I can just barely read the body number, not sure what the last number is -looks like a zero.


Tidy trunk.

If I had lots of money I’d buy both these early Sprints and be looking for a third…


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