Market 511: Sprint 750B 00656 in Italy

Giulietta Sprint 750B 1493*00656, 1315*00648, Body 65650.  Available now out of Italy from Aquarama boats and cars.  Their site is under construction, I found it on Anamera.  This is one of the neatest (in my opinion) cars I’ve had the pleasure to write about in a long time.  If circumstances were different I’d be emailing Italy all excited, ready to hop on a plane.  Early Sprints seldom come up for sale, and when they do, they tend to be in a pretty rough state.  This car looks ready to go.


I have only seen a handful of Giuliettas on offer over the years that included period pictures.  Super cool!  Sill trim below the door is missing.


You know I like a positive ID.  Means I will never have to second guess whether a set of numbers is correct and represents a surviving example.


Looks to have tiny little marker lights.  Borrani (I have to check the spelling every time) wheels.  Good shade of red.  I like!


Just wow.  No badge on fender, no marker light.


Another third of the numbers.  Interesting to note how deeply the die stamped the metal and created a valley.


Neat upholstery on the older versions.  Not sure how correct it is.


Still missing the trim that is gone in the first picture above.  Badges are gone too?  Maybe kids stole them.  Still on the road in what, the late 60’s?


The third piece of the trifecta.  Is that an apparatus to keep the dipstick from being ejected by crank case pressure?


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