Market 431: Sprint 750B 06395 -much assembly required

Update October 1 2015: Available now from Joop Stolze.

Giulietta Sprint 750B 493*06395, 1315*05812 & 00112*15344.  This car appears to be offered by ReOriginal’s on eBay out of Livingston TX.  Car is very much where the project I am currently working on is -lots to do!  Paint is 10 years old but shines, interior work looks pretty good and it comes with an extra engine.  No mention is made whether all the trim etc comes with the car.  This is a rare car in that it’s one of the last 750B Normale’s -the last 200 750 ‘eyebrow’ grill Sprints were Veloce’s.

But do the original parts include bumper, ‘eyebrow’ grills, headlights with rings, hood center strip and front center grill?  Looks pretty nice here.  You can buy those bumper bracket trim bits new from several vendors.

Tires are unused, but how old are they?  Red.  Yawn.

If you’ve been thinking about getting an early body style Sprint, this might be a great opportunity for you.  Usually they need much body work in the rust dept. before they even get this far.  Put the interior in, build the engine, do the brakes then drive it.  Well -there are about 6000 little details I glossed over in that last sentence, but you get the idea.

You could just button it all up, but there is a lot of detail work to be done to the suspension, steering etc if you want it to be really nice -and all of it’s exposed right now so you might as well do it.

New wiring harness = tons of work getting everything mounted and lined up correctly.  This is close to what it looks like under the dash of the car I’m working on.

I believe you get both the red/gray seats seen here.

Some included stuff.  I don’t see any door handles, a heater core or a lot of other stuff.  Better make sure you get all that.  Not easy or cheap to source all that stuff.

I say that even if it’s somewhat incomplete it’s a decent deal.


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