Market 510: Spider Veloce 170259 Hilton Head Halloween Hauction

Update September 29 2015:  As Tim D pointed out, not a Veloce.  Gotta start using my reference materials more.

Giulietta Spider 10103*170259.  This car is due to be auctioned at Hilton Head Island on October 31st by Auctions America RM.  Estimate is $75,000 – $85,000 which seems reasonable.  Not a heck of a lot of information about the car among the 3 paragraphs of description, and the pictures are internet circa 2003 quality / size.  I guess you gotta go stick your nose in and under it to see if it’s as nice as it seems.  Source and pictures are from Anamera.


Looks pretty good from 30 feet.  Anyone know this car?  Door shut lines are almost lost in the red.  Almost.


I don’t know if it’s a shadow or what, but the sill trim on this side looks straighter than the one on the other side.  At least we’re through the era of mismatched wheels.


Nice shut line.  There’s something crooked seeming about the badge.


Yeah, I think it’s just a shadow making the trim look bent.  Very red.  People seem to like red.  Popular with lipstick and barns too.


An unhealthy concern for ignition wire organization is exhibited.  Some people don’t like polished valve covers -I don’t mind them so much.  Someday a kid in the age of electric cars is going to pop the hood on one of these and be like: “Wow – lots of ducts!!”


Pretty good.  The gauge inserts appear to be original.  Dash edging has been covered in vinyl.  Not original, but practical, being easier to deal with than wrinkle finish.




This all looks nice.  The red sort of reflects into and blurs the edges of the trim.  I wonder how much effort it takes to not scratch the new paint while assembling the labyrinth of chrome?

Will be interesting to see how it does.


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