Mailand – Alfa relationship – Anyone?

I was checking links, trying to see where some projects I used to keep up on were and took a look at Will’s Sprint rebuild on FB.  It hasn’t had anything posted in a while – unless updates have been made elsewhere.  Something caught my eye when I was checking out his pictures.  His car is a 10102 series, with a 1315*01XXXX engine, and a Mailand plate with 750B on it.  Anyone know what’s up with this?  Only 10105’s are supposed to have this series engine.  I did a post a while back about trade agreement final assemblies in France, Mexico and Germany at one point but can’t seem to find it.  Anyone know what the arrangement was between Alfa and Mailand?


This is the build plate set is from Will’s Sprint.  It is original, and it is confusing!

mailand giulietta build plate

Maybe it was a surplus build plate and they wanted to use them up?  Maybe they had a certification of some sort for the 750B and it made sense to keep the designation?

mailand alfa build plate

And the regular build plate, in proper font stamping with the right screws.

Anyone have any insight?


9 thoughts on “Mailand – Alfa relationship – Anyone?

  1. Hey, my car! Sadly I haven’t made any headway on it. I’m still trying to find the funds to get the nose fixed. I would love to learn a little more about the German component of the car however. I hope someone chimes in.

    • Will,

      I have a friend in Benicia who could get the nose straightened out pretty reasonably. He fixed a few pretty buggered Alfas recently.


  2. I had never heard of giuliettas being built in Germany before. But remember that Mailand is the german translation for Milano.
    I would rather assume that they fitted german language type plates for exports to Germany.

  3. Here is what I got from Marco. The partial engine that was in it was a 750 Veloce motor, Lionel has it now.

    Dear Mister Campbell,

    with reference to your request we are informing you as follows.

    According to our documentation files, the chassis number AR 1493.20198 originally corresponds to an Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint, manufactured on the 6th October 1959 and sold on the 12th October 1959 to N.S.U. Werke, Germany.
    The body colour is Alfa red.
    The number you provided me doesn’t correspond to the engine originally fitted on this car.

      • Its an interesting car for sure. The only history I have of it was that it was found in a garage in Berkeley in the ’70s with the nose smashed. It was bought as a parts car and then left in the barn I found it in. Still has the blue plates that I would guess are original to the car after being imported to the US.

  4. Hi there
    I don’t know anything about the engine number.
    However I believe the additional build plate in German language was required by fhe German DMV for the registration in Germany. The informaton on the pate includes the VIN along with maximum car weight along with maximum load on front and rear axle.
    Hope this helps.
    Cheers, Juerg

  5. I have a very similar build plate on my ‘ 59 Sprint; according to Alfa Storico, also sold to NSU Werk. I believe my Sprint has the only in-built sun roof that’s over here in the USA.Manufactured by Rockwell-Golde (who also built the same configurations for Karmann-Ghia and Porsche.)I’m sure it was put in by the dealership.

    Charlie Drake

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