Market 509: SS 00593 fresh out of Italy

Giulietta SS 10120*00593.  This SS is available now from Mirbach, outside of Munich.  It was recently purchased from longtime owners in the Rome area.  It has a nicely preserved feel that is refreshing in an SS these days.  Yours for 139,000 Euro.  Can anyone in Germany give them a call and confirm the VIN, and maybe even get the engine number?


I don’t think many people realize how good you can make a car look with some careful touch-up and serious polishing.  It is sort of interesting that someone would choose to copyright a picture that is clearly ephemeral in nature, and no one in a million years will ever make a penny from.  


As good in red today as it was in blue yesterday.  Tires look like a really small series.  Maybe 145?


I can appreciate the faded gray carpet and wrinkly seat covers.  It just looks right.


That intake hose between the plenum and cold air box looks like the sleeve from an old sweater!  I wonder if it has its original engine?


Black on black in the back.  No spare?

“Specialties: Italian extradition, largely original condition Romeo Giulietta Sprint Speciale This Alfa was delivered in 1961 to Rome and was a long time family owned in Palermo.In 2015, the Alfa was imported to Germany. The body is located, except for one older repaint in extradition hue, in good original condition. The Giulietta SS was technically revised by us and made admission ready. Bertone’s interpretation of the Alfa-body offers the exceptional lines. The Sprint Speciale models have been discovered in recent years by collectors and are enjoying increasing popularity.”


2 thoughts on “Market 509: SS 00593 fresh out of Italy

  1. yes it is super to have you writing these updates again … and I am just one of the many European alfisti which missed your pictures and info.
    Keep up the nice work!!


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