Market 508: SS 381303 at auction by Coys in Germany

Giulia Sprint Speciale 10121*381303.  This clean, good looking Giulia SS is being auctioned by Coys in Germany on September 26 2015.  Advertisement I saw is on for Coys Frankfurt motorshow.  This is a new car to my register, I’ll have to count and see where we are with the survivor count.

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 8.04.46 PM

Looks more bluette than bosphor to me.   Both good colors.  Italy to USA to Japan to Switzerland and now for sale in Germany.

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 8.05.31 PM

Who was it that complained that everyone thinks that every wood steering wheel in a Nardi?  It has a rally trip meter thing down there in the corner.  The wash bag in Giulia SS’s always makes me think of an IV bag.

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 8.05.21 PM

They look fast from the back too.  Lots of rally stickers on the rear drivers side window.

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 8.05.13 PM

You will be in pretty good shape if you frequently get in and out of a car with these seats.  Cognac they call this color brown.  Sounds more exciting than Rosarita refried bean brown.

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 8.05.05 PM

Kind of new fangled style belt clips there.  I wonder how much action that ashtray sees.

Description per Hemmings: “Alfa Romeo, Italy’s oldest sporting marque, has been building cars since 1910. They produced some of the greatest machinery ever to be seen pre-war,: such as the beautiful 1750 Zagato roadster, The Magnificent Monza and The Mighty P3 Grand Prix cars .With the advent of the 1950s Alfa Romeo what forced to rationalize its production in order to survive financially. Unable to resist the occasional indulgence, HOWEVER, They quietly built some exceptional competition and ‘Limited Edition’ High Performance models. One search car what the Sprint Speciale Series, Appearing first in 1957 with the 1,290cc Giulietta engine and then in 1963 with the more powerful 1,570cc unit Giulia. The streamlined bodywork bore a marked resemblance to some of the marque’s competition Earlier designs, particularly The Famous Disco Volante sports-racer, not to mention the BAT 9 car show. With an all-up weight of under 950kgs, a five-speed gearbox and at output of ll2bhp (in Giulia form) They made ​​excellent road cars and were Equally used in competition. Only 1,366 examples of the Sprint Speciale were built before production stopped in 1965.Having been exported toAlfa Romeo Newark United States on 26 March 1965, this mint and most likely matching numbers Alfa SS bearing one of the last built in 1964 as per enginesof FUSI list spentmany years in USA and sold to a Japanese collector waslater, where it Remained until 2000 When it came to Germany, purchased by another collector.The current owner Purchased # 381303 in 2002 and had the car thoroughly restored by Alfa Romeo specialists in Switzerland; A photo documentation hereof is available in the car’s file. Today it can honestly be Described as one of the best we have seen in many years and is presented in mint condition, and Mechanically cosmetically. Finished in its original livery of Bosforo blue and cognac leather interior with bucket seats and covered seat belts (the cost for retrimming the car which in excess of 17,000), the car received a stainless steel petrol tank, improved brake system, electronic ignitionand a Kenlow fan. The propshaft what Specially balanced and the flywheel lightened what. The car is Described as very fast with superb road holding, and hasparticipated in several prestigious classic motor events. A full service has just been under taken and the car is ready to be enjoyed by its next lucky owner.It comes with German historic papers and a comprehensive history file.Als new cars was this fantastic 1600 SS (Sprint Speciale) delivered on 03/26/1965 at Alfa Romeo Newark United States and the numbers in sequence FUSI – book suggests that he even then the same Motor Besa as heute.Spter came the car to a Japanese collector who kept it until 2000, when it was imported from a German collector. The current owners bought the Alfa in 2002 and lie him from the ground up with a Swiss Alfa Romeo restoration specialists, Worber a photo documentation can be referred vorliegt.Heute # 381303 rightly regarded as one of the best specimens, both mechanically and cosmetically. The car was painted in his color ursprnglichen Bosforo blu and has a completely renovated interior – Equipment in brown leather for which provable alone about 17,000 – was spent. Provided with a stainless steel – tank, optimized brake master cylinder and Belgen, electronic ignition, electric. Khler – Lfter, a fine-balanced propeller and Lightened flywheel. The Alfa has excellent handling characteristics and is lt. Consignor very fast and reliable. He participated in numerous historic motorsport events, this also has a retro – Tripmaster. A new service was just durchgefhrt, German H – approval exists, this perfect Giulia Sprint Speciale is ready to go.”


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