Support your local Giuliettas blogger!


I started a campaign at Patreon to allow readers to support the site if they chose.  It’s basically Kickstarter in a monthly pledge form -kind of like my local NPR station is doing right now.

I’ve been enjoying writing lately and I think having an awareness of the value readers put on what I do would be helpful to keep me focused (Carrot) and that failing, motivated by a sense of obligation (stick).

Any money pledged not spent on site maintenance is going to go in my “hire a developer” fund to make the $8000 – $10000 worth of changes I am hoping to make sometime by the end of 2016.  What kind of changes you ask?  Well, The register is an amazing resource on one hand, and a disaster to use on the other.  The redesign will make it much easier to use, and give readers a chance to take over adding information about their cars if they want.  Also on the redesign menu will be a files section where I put scans of manuals, brochures etc for use by readers.  There is a lot more, but it’s hard to communicate without a chalk board.

If Patreon seems a little weird, you can still just make a donation via the button on the “Support Giuliettas” page up there below that picture of my car I need to replace.


PS:  Any interest in a new batch of shirts with a new logo?


7 thoughts on “Support your local Giuliettas blogger!

  1. Hi Matt, thank you for continuing this blog. It’s a most useful resource. I posted a couple pics of Market 330 in you Patreon site. It’s done except for the seats. Quite a change, don’t you think?

    Keep up the great work!

    Kevin Murray
    Schaumburg, IL

  2. Hi Matt,

    I’m happy to contribute and will make it annual. I did so via paypal- I just didn’t want to go through the pin and CC# routine with Patreon to do so. I’ve learned a lot from your site, am thrilled that you’ve taken up the baton again, and look forward to more in the future! If you wind up making T-shirts, I’ll buy one (or more).


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