Market 505: Spider 750D 03800 on BaT Auctions

Spider 750D 1495*03800, 1315*43557.  This Spider sold September 16th 2015 via a BringaTrailer (BaT) auction for $58,800.  If I read their rules right, seller will see $58,550 of this – not too bad!  Buyer pays 5%, up to a max of $5000 to BaT, making this a $61,700 purchase.  Auction has no fixed end time -as long as there is a  bid within 3 minutes of the last bid after the end date/time, it keeps going, and there is no fixed bid value increment – you can beat the last guy by a penny!  Pretty cool.


Handsome car this.  Ready to be used and hopefully enjoyed.

I’m sure this system has its detractors (detractors are feature of every system), but it is definitely an improvement over the big online auction site that seems hell bent on policie$ that negatively impact individual sellers with the unique vintage goods (think authentic OEM Giulietta parts), while making it ea$y for volume sellers of new volume stuff (think Giulietta key rings and car covers from China) you can get more efficiently on Amazon.  I digress as usual.

The best things about BaT auctions in my opinion are the curation and comments.  Curation of individual vehicle details/pictures and the mix of weekly vehicle offerings.  Bargain hunting is possible on eBay if the seller either doesn’t know what they have, or puts together a really lousy auction -but usually these detail deficiencies mean you pay retail for a poorly presented item that is probably not worth retail (best case).  With an auction like the one I am writing about here, short of a test drive, you know exactly what you are getting.  Recognizing the rules of supply and demand is not part of eBay either.  How many times have there been zero Giulietta Spiders available, then you post yours for sale and wham, two more show up at the same time.  That’s a lose-lose situation -no one will see great money.  BaT will never have you trying to decide between similar cars, or losing money because they booked you the same week as another car just like the one you are selling.

Allowing of viewer/bidder/seller interaction in the comment streams of the individual vehicles is very cool.    Comment streams have the potential be valuable, giving BaT and the seller the opportunity to interact with potential buyers, and genuine experts a forum for airing their views, but we all know comment streams on the internet tend away from the erudite and towards bluster and posturing.  Hopefully BaT has plans for this -so far so good it appears.

Somehow I am several big paragraphs into this and only just now getting to the car.  It’s not clear if the engine is original to the car, but looking at near data points in my register (Spider 750D 1495*03719 with 1315*43479 and Spider 750D 1495*03824 with 1315*43578), I am going to say it very very likely is { 81 + 479 being 560 and 578 – 24 being 554, and those averaging to 558}.  I think the new owner will appreciate this math.

Overall, I think a win for buyer and seller.  It doesn’t need anything major, and with improvement still has some upside.


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