Market 400 (!!): Sprint Veloce 750E 08765

Update September 7 2015:  This car is available again on eBay out of Brunswick Georgia, maybe the same seller as last time?  Still needs a lot of work.  I don’t remember what the last asking price was., but now it’s $35,000.

Update March 9 2012: I received some less than encouraging pictures of the underside of the car from someone who knew it -it’s got some structural rust that will be difficult to fix. Check it out.

This is thick, difficult to replace metal.  Will be fun for who ever gets to repair it -even more so for the check writer!

It looks like some repairs were made in this area once upon a time.

That is some thick scale rust coming off the trailing arm.  You just take it one patch at a time.

This is typically seen on Spiders. 

The rust is not the end of the world -its still a viable project and will result in a valuable car if brought to completion, but do you really want to go through all that rather than buy one that’s done?

Giulietta Sprint Veloce 750E 1493*08765, 1315*32267.  Alex texted me that this car is available now on eBay out of Florida from a seller who has listed several Alfa projects over the last few months -this is definitely their best offering to date.  Judging from the pictures it is very complete -though I did see a 105 1600 air filter canister in one picture I think, so inventory carefully before you buy.  They just keep coming.

Car looks pretty good.  I don’t think US destined cars were supposed to have side markers, but demand was high and I’m sure cars were rerouted to the US from other intended destinations.  I would drive this as is after a light clean up.

The usual peeling paint.  These really don’t rust as comprehensively as GTV’s etc, so this may not be too bad underneath.

This all looks really original -except maybe the ‘off’ sign.  Note choke and radio blank offs.

Again, rust but not horrible.

Nice original build plate.

Matches the vin number with the required ‘E’.

And engine number.  Wasn’t long ago that these were easily faked.  Now, with the internet and all, you can come to a site like mine, ask about your vin and get a pretty comprehensive analysis for nothing.

This probably represents someones ‘holy grail’.  Nice to have at the start of the project.

You wanted a Veloce project -here you go -it doesn’t get much better than this.  Look for strong money.  Actually, look for this auction to be pulled pre-term.

I timed myself, took me 30 minutes to save all the pictures to Flickr, load the ones I was going to use for this post, write the post, edit it and publish it -and these market reports are the easy part of the job!


4 thoughts on “Market 400 (!!): Sprint Veloce 750E 08765

  1. Yet, the information provided by the seller is inaccurate, incomplete and misleading with many missing photos that did not make it out of the editing room. Significant amount of material information that can alter the outcome of the auction has not been provided to the potential buyers. Caveat emptor…..I will be more than happy to provide a more detail set of photos regarding this vehicle. Shamefull

  2. Only the second Giulietta I’ve ever seen with a sequential chassis number…………..08765, the other was in acending order and incredibly was 05678

      • 750 series Sprint and Spider Veloces share engines 1315*30001 – 1315*33000 (about). 750 and 1300 101 Spider Veloces have an F and Sprint Veloces an E stamped in the firewall between the model prefix and serial number. The numbers on this car are good.

        Aside, I don’t think late 101 1600 Spider Veloces have an F.

        Thanks for the comment!

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