Market 388: SS 00242 in New Jersey

Update September 15 2015:  Reserve not met at $65,200.

SS ebay

Apparently SS values have gone up $6000 since this car was last listed.  I think I would have been tempted to sell.

Update September 7 2015: This car has reappeared, this time on eBay being sold out of Florham Park New Jersey.

$_57 (45)

I was just last night talking to a friend and SS owner about the value prospects for the SS these days across the project to perfect spectrum.  He opined that they had actually gone down a bit in the last few years by his reckoning.  Not some huge slide or anything, just market forces balancing restoration quality of cars bought and improved to make a quick buck, that seem to come back on the market repeatedly, driving values down a bit as a result; versus genuine ‘restored for the love of the thing’ cars that not only look good but are complete, correct and actually a pleasure to drive.  Projects aren’t seeing the frenzy of 2 years ago, while the number of prospective owners out there is probably a bit stagnant and not as deep pocketed as the few high priced auction examples would have you think.  I’m sure there are lots of Alfisti would happily add an SS to their stable, the question is, at what price?  And then there is the almost absurdly high survivorship of SSs -probably above 20% tracked on this humble site alone.

I just spent more than $20,000 on my Sprint with little visual improvement (unless you pop the hood).  The work I had done would not even have this car a runner -you’d probably be another $5000 – $7000 for that.  Adding that to the $48,000 asking has you at $75,000 before you even think about rust repair.  If this was your grandfathers car and you had all the money and motivation you needed, or if you were actively searching for a complete car to do all by yourself and had serious skills you might consider it.

Update April 4 2012: I might be crazy, but I would have sold this for $59,888. Really.  That said, someone probably made an off-eBay deal for this.

Update April 6 2012: This car has turned up on eBay out of Connecticut. Bidding is fierce, rust is scary, but other than that it looks like a nice complete example to fix up -just be ready for a big bill from your body guy.  Not sure it’s the same car as that from the Craigslist ad a few months ago?  Look at the green New Jersey inspection sticker on the passenger side corner of the windshield.

Doesn’t look too ill in this picture.  Grill has seen better days and the windshield trim is missing, but that’s it besides scruff.

Again, just looks like a faded SS in need of some light help to make it useable.  This car wears Borrani wheels.

Tip of the iceberg.  This will lead deep into the recesses of the car with lots of metal to replace.

Interestingly this is an 00121 1600 SS engine and the 00120 engine is included too.  That’s a good $15K worth of SS engines.  Looks complete and right too.

Reasonable white interior.  Seats have been recovered.  Pretty sure the thing below the dash in the center is an 8 track player.  Has an earlier series speedometer.

One of the SS’s specifically prepared for the US market Tipo 10117.  Another survivor comes out of the woodwork.

Update February 24 2012: I have had some emails about this car from interested parties who contacted the sellers.  Apparently offers up to and potentially exceeding $50,000 have been received.  I also hear it is probably pretty rusty where they rust.

Giulietta Sprint Speciale 10117*00242.  Alex just sent me a text with a link to this car.  I’m sure a mad scramble is in progress right now from all over the world.  A complete, not too rusty example?  No telling precisely from these pictures about the rust -but it does look to be all there.

Looks like one of those ran when parked examples.  Hood fits well -might respond to soap and water.

Anyone know Jersey plates well enough to guess how long it’s been off the road?  I think this will clean up we..  Is the dash white meaning this was a white car?

Someone tried to rub the paint out a little on the cornerYep -there’s white visible in the interior.

Intake system looks original and complete from here -bodes well for the engine.  Someone is VERY excitedly trying to buy this right now…


4 thoughts on “Market 388: SS 00242 in New Jersey

  1. Update 4/15/12: I might be crazy, but I would have sold this for $59,888. Really. That said, someone probably made an off-eBay deal for this.

    No way those were legit bids. Who bids 30 times and doesn’t chase it to the end. I bet the reserve was $60k since we got wind that the seller in NJ last month wanted around $50k.

  2. Here is my take on the SS market for what it is worth. Being that I am looking for Veloce powered cars to add to the registers, it is amazing what I can find out there. Currently there are 5 SS cars on the market around the world. Most months there are 3-5 at any given time. What I am seeing is a recycling of the available cars to the market. The market seems to be hovering in the $160K–190K . Some have changed colors and some with seats that are over stuffed. The money is being put into them and there are a lot of them surviving.

    Most are a nice restoration. There is one shop in So. Calif. that is out to flip a car and make some money by doing a decent restoration but it isn’t what you would call a 95+ car.
    It is going to take an exceptional car to go over the $200K limit that some are trying to get over. It will be a couple more years before we see that unless we have some that go wild at auction.

    If I was out looking for a car, I would not look at the SS. I would instead look to find a nice Sprint Veloce or Giulia Spider Veloce. There are so few of them surviving. I think in the long run you would be money ahead.

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