Market 502: Spider 10123 373466 ‘closest to the door’

Update September 15 2015: 54 is a lot of bids!  $25,355 is decent money.

collection spider

Giulia Spider 1600 10123*373466.  This car is on eBay available out of Waynesville North Carolina.  Seller says “At this time I am only interested in selling one car from my collection and this Alfa is the easiest to get out.”  Neat collection and as good a criteria as any other I suppose for choosing which car to sell.  Car is not too bad looking, could probably be put on the road with a couple weekends work if the engine and clutch are healthy.

$_57 (67)

Not a bad nose.  Bumpers will need attention, or to be removed in pursuit of a sporty look.  Good starting point.

$_57 (60)

This rocker looks a bit like it  has some filler painted over.  I could be wrong of course.  Bears an in-person inspection.  Lots of British vehicles in this collection.

$_57 (63)

This looks exactly like my old 1600 Spider did when I bought it.  No cracks in the steering wheel.  Did early 1600 Spiders have this style gauge?

$_57 (65)

For some this looks insurmountable, for others trivial.  Classicalfa has most of the interior parts you need and for reasonable money.

$_57 (72)

Other than the smashed up passenger door, this car looks like you could get a fairly cheap respray, some new interior buts and have a decent looking weekend warrior.

$_57 (73)

I am going to guess the radiator will need re-coring.  Dig the little pancake filter on the carb.  The correct box is not cheap.  Is that a 1300 head?

$_57 (74)

The good side.  I bet this car would look pretty good if it was just detailed as is.

$_57 (76)

A good metal worker should be able to smooth that door out.  Italian cousin TR4 beside it?  


7 thoughts on “Market 502: Spider 10123 373466 ‘closest to the door’

  1. Hi, it’s been my dream for many years to own and restore a Alfa Guiltietta. I live in the UK and from what you are saying this looks a good punt. Would I be crazy to bid on it? I live near Alfaholics near Bristol UK, Richard Banks would think I was crazy never buy a car you can’t view but for the money who knows!!

    • I wouldn’t buy a car without looking at it unless the price was such that the condition could be a lot worse than advertised and it wouldn’t matter. I’m sure you can find an Alfisti to go look at this for you.

      Thanks for the comment!

      • Problem is I’ve only just spotted it and with only 1 day of the auction left it doesn’t really give me any time to arrange for anyone to view, plus I wouldn’t even know anyone to contact. We just don’t seem to get these come up in Europe for that kind of money, they get snapped up by the dealers then passed around for silly money.

    • Looking at the pictures and knowing these cars pretty well, I’d say this is a pretty solid example, that if anything (and depending on your level of tolerance for imperfection) it would need very little rust repair. Everything else is easily doable at a price.


      • I agree Matt, I’ve seen a lot worse in my travels around Europe and for a lot more money too. Big decision and not sure how risky handing over that sort of money, but I guess with eBay it should be quite safe. I might try and get hold of the guy tomorrow, I’ll check out time zones, very late here now. What do you own?


      • eBay does make it safer, but I’m not sure what the parameters are with a purchase this big.

        I have a 1959 Sprint – the car pictured on the home page of the site.


      • That is a lovely car too, I sometimes look at both and struggle to think which one I prefer, the spider or sprint, both are beautiful cars, you are a luckily man. I own a 1960 British racing green TR3a, an ex works car and being a soft top I often think the sprint might suit. I’ve just got this burning desire to restore and seen this car earlier and keep thinking it’s now or never. I’m sometimes very implosive, but also know for under £15k (sterling) I just won’t pick one up in UK or Europe. Would you honestly take a punt? I know that’s a hard question to answer but would value your opinion. Would you know of anyone you could trust who could deal with all the shipping arrangements back to UK?

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