Market 501: SS 381151 at Fantasy Junction “POA”

Giulia Sprint Speciale 10121*381151, 00121*01052.  Fantasy Junction, a respectable local to me seller of high end sports cars has this SS listed in their inventory, price: POA.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen them use this pricing convention – maybe it has something to do with last weekends rigmarole in Monterey and they didn’t want to be caught out if pricing moved in leaps due to an auction result.  I didn’t make it to Monterey – opting rather to hang out with my dad.  Any big Giulietta sales go down?


That is a great color on an SS.  So tempted to make an unflattering comment about Toyota dark metallic gray – better let it go though.  This car sits well, everything is where it belongs, and I am excited to go check it out in person – maybe they will let me test drive – who knows.  Anyone have POA I can borrow?


Polish and circumstance.  Slightly more unconstrained harness wires than usual, but who is counting?  Red ignition wires are dramatic in the Monday night football sense of the word.  It’s a lot of work to get the engine compartment of one of these this tidy.  Where did that valve cover begin life?


Pray you never have to change a tire on this car – you would risk soiling the interior.  I’d have a pair of white leather driving shoes to wear while piloting this.  They could be stored in a white leather Valextra case next to my white leather driving gloves.


Where beauty and practicality part ways.  But then, for the man who has everything, shedding practicality may feel like an acquisition.


And the part of the car most motorists will see as they realize they were not being overtaken by a dark metallic gray Yaris -but rather something from the alternate reality future of their childhood they thought was never going to happen.  Shoot – was hoping to avoid that – especially coming from a guy who was going to paint his SS this color.  I think Richard painted it a lovely blue.  I had a neighbor with a Ferrari 365 GTB (pardon if it was a 330 or some other numbing nomenclature) that was Camry beige/gold.  god I loved that color.


14 thoughts on “Market 501: SS 381151 at Fantasy Junction “POA”

  1. Are the Cam Cover Nuts correct?? I thought the standard was the14mm allen key type. But who will care?? Only if it becomes a trailer queen.

    Jim Gordon
    (Would love to be able to afford one)

    • Cam cover and nuts are not correct. I’m sure someone will come along and make us aware of the rest of the wrongness. Not that I can afford it either!


  2. Nothing looks worse than putting a late cam box on this type head, leaving the stud holes hanging over the front. Even the cam box holding nuts have morphed into 1970s items. The nuts on the air-box look terrible and no air-box stay fitted. Those hose clips, there’s no excuse, the correct ones are available. No clips on the elephant trunk. Only one clip holding the air filter canister. Not to mention the red HT wires. Check the number of flattened fins on the radiator core. If I was going to pay POA money for an SS these would all have to be perfect. And like you say Matt, pray you never have to change a tyre, with that upholstery colour.

    • I’m sure at POA money, you could negotiate the $1200 of it would take to make all this perfect.

      I dig the interior, I just don’t think its practical.


  3. I have a friend that won’t do any of his cars in “Asian” colors. So when he did a Brit car in a Toyota red it became ” Rolls Royce Claret”.

    • They are all just colors at the end of the day, and the road is shades of silver and gray more than anything else right noe.

      This color and a gold / sand / beige metallic were high on my list when I had my SS.


  4. Last I looked, Fantasy Junction was selling a Giulietta Spider Veloce for around $180,000. So one can imagine the price tag on this Giulia SS. More power to them, if they can get it.

    • They have a reasonable seeming Veloce Spider now, though it would take a good 30 – 50K to get it the kind of original everyone who has these cars is aspiring to these days.


  5. Matt it is great to see your emails in my inbox. :) You found a new SS for my register. I am thinking that the market might be pushing the $200K barrier to see if any of them will go over setting a new marketing trend. To bad the person restoring the car didn’t resort to sourcing out the correct bits from APE to make it more correct. Then you have to begin to wonder what is going on that we don’t see that isn’t correct. Grey/white doesn’t do it for me. Like you said white upholstery looks like bad after a few years of sun and dirt.

    • There is more to this story. Fantasy junction is showing a different chassis number up front and later on in the photos is posting the correct chassis number. What is up with that?? This is not a new car to the SS register. It is 381131 formerly owned by Robert Cole. See the SS register for the complete history. The engine that came with the car when it left Illinois as a red SS, it had a later model engine in it. I suspect that the 1600 original block was missing some parts and it was easy enough to swap over what was needed to complete the project, hence the noticeable wrong parts.

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