Market 148: Cobra-ized early 750 Spider

Update 8/18/2015:  As yet finding it difficult to find a human whose tastes align with its character, this Giulietta Spider continues to float from mark-up to mark-up (I would have thought mark-down to mark-down -but who am I to speculate).  Buy it now on eBay for $37,900 and be eschewed by Alfa owners, Cobra owners and those who aren’t comfortable in the presence of this much yellow.  I mentioned in the last update that the clock was ticking toward a time when it would be an attractive value proposition to take this car back towards stock.  That clock is still ticking.


How hard could it be to lose the black?  

Update 5/29/12: This car has reappeared in well-detailed glory on the Alfa BB. There are good photo’s, there are video’s and yet it still is what it is. Is it time yet for a car like this to lose it’s flares, get some chrome chromed and become the car it was made to be in ’58 and not be drastically underwater?  Maybe not yet, but the clock is ticking.  It’s interesting that these cars from early market reports are starting to come around -this one has been hiding for nearly 3 years!.

I say chrome the trim, lose the flares and get some Classicalfa UK Giulietta mags and this car will be something a lot of Alfa guys would love to buy -no guilt for doing the unoriginal, but all the fun of having the unoriginal.

Update 10/12/09: Wow, another car that has bucked the trend of having a second auction fall flat.  This car was bid up to $9227 by 13 bidders.  Reserve has gone unmet.  If I were selling this one I would list it on Bring a trailer and be VERY patient.  There are not many people looking for a Giulietta Spider set up like this and a sale will take time.

Update 9/24/09: Car failed to sell at $5800 with 10 bids and has been relisted.

Giulietta Spider 1495*02951. This beefed up Spider is on eBay right now out of Wisconsin. Somewhere in the chain of previous owners someone decided a Shelby Cobra inspired face lift was the thing to do and this car is the result.

yellow spider angleBlacked out trim is a little odd, probably a work around for having to plate and polish to the original finish. I can just hear the Bee references now…

yellow spider frontThis is what it must be like the when one day you come home from work and you realize the hormones have kicked in and your skinny, nimble 12 year old kid is suddenly the bruiser linebacker on the football team and you somehow you missed the transition. Note later style hood, probably to help with clearance for the 2 liter.

yellow spider backSerious booty on this thing.

yellowspider enginePurposeful and pretty well done under here. Have I ever mentioned I’m not a big fan of yellow cars?

Auction text: “Striking street legal track day car I bought May of 2004 from Dennis Pillar of Portland, OR Alfa club. Father (Jerry)/son project built in 1984. Car had 3000 miles when I bought and I’ve put about 3800 miles on it in 5.5 years. I’ve only done three New Glarus, WI hillclimbs (3/4 mile!), rest has been street/highway mileage.

Mid-seventies Alfa 2-Liter w/45 D’ellorto carbs, header. Est. 140 HP, close ratio 5-speed in exc. condition. Lowered suspension incl. Panhard bar (no emerg. brake). Disc brakes all around, cross-drilled rotors, comb. street/track pads make this car stop! And with 15×7 Panasports and nice fat sticky Falkens, this car goes thru corners virtually flat w/o typical Alfa body lean. It’s impossible to do a Horst Kwech and lift inside front wheel, in other words!

Almost $7,000 in receipts since my purchase for recent clutch, rblt. gen., new water pump, renewed gas tank (fuel tank float needs to be replaced, always reads full), oil temp gauge not hooked up and speedo typically Alfa–at 70 mph you’re doing actually about 62. Very small typical Alfa leaks, eng. & diff.

Weight just under 1800 lbs (vs. 2150 for stock Normale). Fiberglass fenders, hood and trunk lid. Heater, wiper and door glass removed. Corbeau seats w/Simpson lap/shoulder harnesses. Fire Extinguisher. Battery behind pass. seat. Pushbutton turn signals on black box to left of clutch pedal. Removable steering wheel. Incl. is metal surrey-type top (fabricated by Mike Besic’s brother for his ’57 spider) that goes from top of windshield header back to top of roll bar. I’ve never used it and it would require very minor work to make it fit properly over the roll bar. Also included is stock Alfa convt. frame w/surface rust, no fabric top.

Undercarriage has no rust. Car has been worked on almost exclusively by Mike Besic of Besic Motorsports in Glen Ellyn, IL, home of the record-setting Bonneville Alfa. Remainder done by Dan Wilke of Yard Racing, vintage racecar/Alfiste in West Allis, WI. Mike and Dan are only two Alfa mechanics I trusted to work on this car.

No tire kickers, please, or scammers, etc. Car is advertised for sale locally and I reserve the right to end auction early. I’ve tried to describe car to the best of my ability. After 25 years, paint still looks very good, no crazing, no cracking but several spots have been touched up (by hood hinges and near Pinin Farina badge) and there are typical rock nicks on front bumper/valance and rear bumper, nothing that can’t be touched up w/black satin spray paint.

I’ve enjoyed this car tremendously for 5.5 years but recent addition of shelter Labradoodle requires something with more substantial back seat for a dog that loves convertibles.

In brief, this car is a blast to drive, light and fast, great exhaust note. I’d like to say the yellow/black trim color combo is a chick magnet but I’ve only had a senior citizen comment on how hot a car it was. Oh, and an 8-year old girl and her 5-year old brother, both normally Nascar fans, kids from the waitress in New Glarus to whom I give rides to every year.

Like they say about the Lotus Seven, the most fun you can have with your clothes on. Buy it and have a blast with it. I do urge you to have car inspected locally or if possible come and see for yourself. Any questions, I’ll do my best to answer.”

yellow spider 750 racerWheels look huge, roll bar looks inadequate. All sorts of manly adjectives come to mind, as well as some other, less flattering ones. Get it overwith and make a dedicated track car out of it.

This is one of those cars that exactly three people in the world will be willing to shell out big bucks for as a package that to them is complete. Most will look at this and a list will be forming of what they want to do to it. I can’t wait to see how much it sells for.

A more civilized approach.
If it was restored.

If it was a project.


15 thoughts on “Market 148: Cobra-ized early 750 Spider

  1. I’m disappointed — I was expecting a Chevy small block under the hood. Couldn’t agree more about yellow cars. Exceptions: Datsun B210 Honey Bee, Dodge Duster, Checker cabs.

  2. When I was racing RMVR there was a guy with the same deal (smaller flares) in red. It was screaming fast. In fact I remember it easily winning the “small bore” catagory with no effort. The car had been grandfathered into the racing club with the 2 liter, disc brakes etc. Marv Hall comes to mind as the owner, and his son was the driver. Not sure if that car still exists but these are a blast to drive.

    The blacked out trim is too ugly for sure, I had a fiat 600 with the same thing done to it and well it was ugly too. Thankfully someone smashed the 600 from the side turning it into junk. I figured it was because the car was sooo ugly they couldn’t stand it and their foot smashed down on the accellerator on an impulse to destroy the ugly thing.

    I am hoping that someone will rescue this car before it meets the 600’s fate.

  3. Incredible. I noticed this car 3 years ago and it was one of the first photos of a car that I downloaded to my hard drive — I thought it was so cool. (I have since downloaded a few hundred.) The interesting thing about this is your comment: “no guilt for doing the unoriginal, but all the fun of having the unoriginal.” I have recently been participating with the Porsche early 911 crowd (because I love those cars as much as Alfas) and there is a very active “hot rod” community that does exactly the type of mods (albeit with German parts) seen on this yellow car. Many, many of the members of the 911S registry own several cars. Always in their collections are one or more that is bone stock and at least one outlaw — all early 911 Porsche’s. For sure it is a no-guilt way to enjoy the unoriginal for these owners. Come to think of it, any clone or recreation could be framed that way. This car has a definite appeal to that certain Alfa owner that may have one or more cars that are 100% “period”.

  4. I owned it. I loved it.
    It was a car that could keep up with a modern Honda and it was a joy to drive compared to a weezy 80 HP Normale or a torqueless noisie 1300 Veloce… I’ve had many of the early stock Giullietta /Giulias and put the most miles by far on this car in the 3 trouble free years I owned it.

    Kinda like having your choice in the 70’s between making love with Twiggy of Rachel Welch. There’s only one choice for the real man…..

    : ) Chris

  5. Denny Pillar did my engine (and all of Keith Martin’s). So, it’s gone thru great shops. It seems to always be priced higher than makes sense to return to original. I had an S2000 that was yellow and it fit “The Bee to a Tee”, but yeah, it’s not right here. Does one of the classic Alfa suppliers have fenders to take it back?

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