My Sprint part 3 – What the heck have I been doing etc

First, I want to thank all you who have written me emails encouraging me to get back to writing the blog. I really appreciate the concern. No, this site will not die, no, I haven’t given up on it forever. After Fuelist fizzled out I needed to take a break from cars for a minute, but now I am feeling inclined to get back at it – especially considering I am weeks if not days from being reunited with my Sprint. Being a dad and fulltime engineer (again) has made heavy demands on my time, but no so much that I can’t contribute here once in a while.

So, that out of the way, here are some pictures of the work that has been done to my Sprint. Engine is looking phenomenal as is the engine compartment. I highly recommend Toms work if you are considering having someone work on your Sprint, Giulietta, or Alfa in general.


Almost a shame to cover this up with an engine.


Unless it’s this engine.  Yep – that’s a programmable distributor I got from


That spin on filter came with the car.  Headers are 1600 Giulia items.


Bling has been liberally applied.


13 thoughts on “My Sprint part 3 – What the heck have I been doing etc

  1. Glad to see you’ve bounced back. You do make a major contribution. Plus you will be driving a real 4C soon. Lucky man.

  2. Thrilled to see you back! Lovely work on the sprint, and with the other mods bling seems totally appropriate to me.

    Best regards


  3. Great to see it coming together! I concoursed my Sprint without removing the engine, that was alot of work. . . I love seeing you really doing it RIGHT, it is a beautiful engine, etc. Mine was red also and I miss it! Bruce Trueman, maker of the 101/105 Sprint Rubber Stamp! (and other Alfa’s, too!)

  4. good to see some more new blogging happening! Welcome “back” Matt.
    That engine bay looks fantastic and so does the engine….

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