Market 500: Late Sprint Veloce project E159104

Giulietta Sprint 10106 ARE159104, 1315*42314 (not matching, from a 750D Spider).  This car is on eBay right now from the same seller as the two Spider projects concurrently listed out of Connecticut.  Matching number 00106 engine is missing, and it needs a lot of help, but these late Sprint Veloces seldom show up in any form for sale.  I know they guy who bought this on Craigslist about 10 years ago out of the Mojave desert area – assuming this is the only Sprint Veloce in this paint scheme of course.  As usual, it’s a Sprint project and I find myself tempted.  Not the best group of pictures I’ve had to work with.


Not the only metallic purple Sprint I’ve seen, but yes, the only one with white Vikings style swooshes.  Looks like a steering column switch gear sticking out on the right, and a control arm part on the left.  You could live with these grills.  I’d be kind of tempted to get it going and drive it with this livery for a while.

$_57 (19)

That Spider block the seller keeps referring to as original, but with a hole.

$_57 (23)

I see stuff where the seat ought to be.  Door aperture trim seems to all be present.

$_57 (17)

Positive ID on the Vin.

$_57 (12)

One has to wonder how long the novelty of this paint job lasted.  Cute bumperette-ette.

$_57 (15)

Veloce gauges for sure.  Pretty decent original gauges really…

This is a rare 1962 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Veloce 1300 cc 101 Series.

Needs restoration. Condition as shown. Car was originally red with black interior.
Chassis ARE159104
Engine AR1314*42314*
*with 1400 kit and a repairable hole in the block (will be sold with a 1967 1600cc from a Duetto).
Last driven in the late seventies.
Paint job copied from the cover of a car magazine.
“This is indeed a Veloce, the “E” is visible on the pics of the chassis number.  This makes it a ’61 Sprint Veloce, one of only 884 produced, according to our trusted friend, Fusi.””

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