Fuelist mobile app is in Apple app store, and it’s free

Some of you may know I have been working on this blog for 5+ years.  I have written about approximately 500 cars in that time, and that effort has given me some insight into how something like the Fuelist could/would/should work.  At one point, probably 3 years ago I set out to create a database that would display a list of Giuliettas that had sold at any level of model specificity, with details of the sale captured to try and normalize sales and get insight into what was important to buyers of these cars.  It turned out difficulty-wise to be something along the lines of building my own Sprint Veloce Zagato from scratch – doable, but highly unlikely without a serious foray in an as-yet undiscovered continent of skill developing: cutting code.

Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 5.28.46 AM Click here to go to the app store.  Works well with iPad and iPod touch too!

To all you Android users: an app for you is in the works.  To all you Windows, Blackberry and other non-iOS or Android users: unless the owners of said operating systems want to pay for us to develop for their platforms, I suggest er, I’m not sure what I suggest.

photo 1

A screen capture from my phone of the group of 750 & 101 Spider Veloce models.  Sortable by price and sale date.  I could just have easily chosen only 750F Spider Veloces or 10118 1600 Spider Veloces.

One day Eric came in the office and said something along the lines of “I wish there was a tool where I could see all the past sales of Honda Superhawks in one place.”  I replied with something about my efforts with Giuliettas and the idea was formed.  Giulietta fans: you could say this app was made especially for you!


The graph view.  You can pinch and zoom in the graph area to pick a point, and the graph gets full screen in landscape mode.  Up to 4 vehicles can be graphed simultaneously.  Average price recalculates when you choose a different timeframe.  Touch a point and you get a little preview of the car.

photo 1 (1)

Touching either the vehicle in the list view or the preview and vehicle detail view opens.  You can scroll down to read the rest of the description.

photo 2 (2)In landscape mode on the detail view you get full size zoomable images.  The resolution was reduced from the web version quite a bit, but it is plenty good compared to the competitor apps -oh wait, there are none!

photo (1)

Want to share a particular car with someone?  The square with an arrow pointing up brings up this share screen.  Handy if you want to send your brother in law who uses an Android phone a comp. 



1 thought on “Fuelist mobile app is in Apple app store, and it’s free

  1. This is the best site I’m aware of for valuing a collector car. To be able to go in and read the descriptions of each data point (each car sold) is invaluable when trying to price a car.

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