1956 Spider shell for sale in Belgium

JP in Belgium has this car for sale.  Contact him if you’re interested!

“Early 750D Spider shell, it is most certainly a ’56 model and one of the first 1000 made, given that it has a ribbed scuttle with the half moon recess for the back of the air filter can.

The car took a hit on the left front fender & left front wheel, hard enough to put a small kink into the lower chassis rail and to crunch the left front fender far enough to crease the left edge of the bonnet. The left headlight pod was also flattened. We presume the VIN was subsequently cut out and grafted into another car along with all the bits to keep the owner ‘rolling’ without troubling the authorities…..

Owner has a spare left front fender & nose from a donor car, enough to replace the damaged panels. The lower chassis rail can be straightened by a competent body man. The tricky part will be the missing VIN number, but the rest of the body shell is still in good condition,

Dry stored in a warehouse in Belgium. The early 750D Spider shell is looking for a new owner who is willing to tackle the project.  Images here.

Information: please contact      jpduhem@hotmail.com

Asking price: 4000 € ono ”

Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 9.23.10 AM


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