Veloce Marelli distributor for sale

Update: I got a huge response to this and have been too busy to respond to all.  How does $360 shipped to continental US sound?  First to come is first served!

I was rooting around looking for some brake parts and came across a Veloce Marelli distributor complete with new points, rotor and cap that I had been saving for a rainy day (when it was raining a Veloce my way). Anyone out there looking for one? Drop me a line. All proceeds go to getting my Spider on the road. I’ll post a picture tomorrow…


Bushings feel decent.


NOS Condenser.


German made cap is new.  I compared it to another Veloce Distributor and it appears to be correct.


Rotor is New Old Stocl took.



Some light rust to clean.


The mount for these new points is not correct, but the part of the points that moves appears to be the same.


9 thoughts on “Veloce Marelli distributor for sale

  1. Could you tell me what the outer diameter of the distributor body is. The machines area where the cap fits.
    Jack Place

  2. Him I have a bosch in my 750 sprint veloce=1959. would this be the correct piece, and what are you looking for ($)? thanks, Tom Henriques

  3. How much is costing such a set up? I have it Sprint Veloce. (Spoken with a Russian accent in honor of the Winter Olympics.) Love your site, by the way.

  4. Interesting stuff you have on your website ….. v enjoyable. May I ask you where to look on an SVZ to find a Zagato body number and what format should it take? ie how many digits

    Thank you.

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