Market 490: RHD SS 381030 coming to Silverstone Auctions

Giulia Sprint Speciale 10121*381030, 00121*00578.  This rare RHD SS will be auctioned by Silverstone on February 22nd.  It’s a clean example if the pictures tell the truth.  I’m not sure why they are calling a mid-64 built car a 1967, but can speculate that it might have taken some time to go from Bertone to the RHD conversion folks and then to a dealer.  3 years?  I suppose it could have been a late 64 car sold in early 67.  Anyhow.
I like a good picture.  This is the view you get when you look up mid stoop after you drop your keys on a wet morning while approaching it to go motoring.  Description says it saw a bare metal respray recently.

Y’all Europeans have some big license plates.  It’s odd that the lip of the trunk lid fits very well, but the corner near the rear windscreen seems to be lifted a bit.  Pretty big gap at the lower edge of the drivers door here.  ss381030_6
Wood rim steering wheel is cool.  I suppose you get used to shifting the H with your left hand.  Isn’t the lower padded edge of the dash usually the same color as the seats? I like it! What can be seen of the carpet looks a bit threadbare.
Seats look inviting.  I’m still not a fan of fat red piping…ss381030_3
Better and more correct than average.
Estimate is 50000 – 60000 British Pounds Sterling.


4 thoughts on “Market 490: RHD SS 381030 coming to Silverstone Auctions

    • That’s what happen with this car. This car was in the states back in the 80s
      It was said the only right hand drive in the USA it’s going up for sale by auction at Silverstone at the end of may

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