Market 488: Sprint 10102 remains

Giulietta Sprint 10102.  Brian, who occasionally sells very very nice Alfa’s pointed out that this car is available now from Beverly Hills Car Club.  BHCC seems to have a knack for turning up rough project European Sports cars.  I wonder if it has anything to do with their pervasive Google ad campaign I see whenever I use Gmail.  The numbers stated for the chassis and engine don’t make any sense except that I suspect the chassis number reported “652701” is actually part of the Bertone body number, and shorter by 1 digit than any other 101 Sprint Bertone number I have tracked.  It’s rough, but get it together with the shell on eBay out of the SF Bay Area, and you might have something.  Asking price of $8950 is a bit high, but as parts I suspect it could realize 70% of this.


This is one of the worst Still together Sprints I’ve ever sen.  Must have found a good place to hide when the hide and seek game started.


This has the late type scuttle that’s a one pice pressing.  Has that ‘ran when parked’ feel.2593_p50_l

The emperor has no clothes.  I suspect they broke a lot of jagged metal off back here.2593_p43_l

Shame o whomever left this car to rot.  Appears to have not been a bad car when parked.  Appears to have been in standing water for years.2593_p40_l

Very nice interior to start with.  All there and ready for a firehose of money to be pointed at it.2593_p38_l2593_p24_l2593_p16_l2593_p9_l


I will send, free of charge, any part I have that would help, if someone decides to undertake the restoration of this!


8 thoughts on “Market 488: Sprint 10102 remains

  1. djeez, even worse than mine. I still had most of the floors in, holed, yes, but not vanished.
    Price is completely rediculous. A Normale does not do more than EUR 24000 to 30.000 today. It will not be a businesscase. Maybe some freetime restorer wants to put his time in it??

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