Market 486: Vandalized Spider in Florida

2/3/14: Any surprise??

Screen Shot 2014-02-04 at 7.29.04 AM

1/25/2014: I hear the car has been sold.

Giulietta Spider.  This 1960 Spider – presumably a 10103, is on Craigslist out of Florida. I get the sense from the description -naming the two individuals who did the damage – that there is an interesting, but sad (from the cars perspective) story to tell.


Looking for a home.  Blows from a large hammer are not ideal for Pininfarina body work.


Quoting the ad: “This car was 95% restored when Laura McLynas and Jeff Plummer vandalized the car with a large hammer. The engine, trans, rear axle, all brakes, exhaust and suspension was all done by Richard Sergany in Miami, a well known Alfa mechanic and race car driver. There is no rust on the car. It does run but has zero miles on it and needs brake and clutch fluids and dialing in. The car also has new wiring harness, gas tank, tires, seats, etc etc etc. All of the remaining parts are with the car. No top. Has several spares and original hardware, spare tire, etc. There is also a set of new $500 OEM style logo rubber mats. There was over $30,000 spent on the restoration. Now it needs the chrome redone and body and paint again some other work. This is a $30,000-$35,000 car when finished. 18,500”

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The quality of the work could be better – but it’s mostly little incorrect things that could be easily rectified.  


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