Veloce Bits – anyone here get these?

Update 2/1/14: I heard from a reader that they have seen this advert and a similar one before, and pursuing them got the same responses.  I would call this a very targeted scam.  If it’s too good to be true….

1/30/14: Jaan sent me a link to this Craigslist ad – I’ll be all over this if it wasn’t a bunch of timezones away!

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 2.33.52 PM


5 thoughts on “Veloce Bits – anyone here get these?

  1. The same counts for me. I tried several times to get hold of this seller but got no reply.
    Indeed fake or a try to determine value of bits….

    Regards, Paul (from The Netherlands)

  2. This is a scammer, I think from Eastern Europe, but could be Asian (the bank account he asks to be credited with funds is held in the name of an East European woman which he claims is his wife), who uses Craigslist to perpetrate his frauds. His problem is that he’s too stupid to carry it off. He doesn’t respond to email questions, won’t give a phone number, won’t answer questions about what he’s pretending to sell, and thus makes it difficult to actually give him any money. I don’t know what he is trying to achieve, but I assume he doesn’t receive money from anyone. I think he’s based in Leicester, but always claims to be in some remote place (usually Scotland, or one of the Scottish islands), in the hope that a buyer will send the money and ask him to freight the goods, without bothering to go and inspect them. I’ve found him out a couple of times previously with different offers, always for goods he doesn’t have. I’ve reported him to Craigslist, who not only took no action, but didn’t even have the courtesy to acknowledge the letter I wrote to them. I had a similarly inactive response from the Police.

  3. It’s a scam – the motor & bits do indeed exist, but they are in the USA – engine 1315*31680 was sold last year by a well known Vendor in the USA to a well known Alfista in the USA and they are currently in his basement in Massachusetts. This is the second time that this scam seller ‘Paul’ and his dead uncle have tried to sell this motor using pictures from the original vendor…..

    If the price is too low to be true, then it probably isn’t true – send NO money, rather send a connection from the Sicilian Mafioso to visit Paul-the-idiot


  4. Motor alone is now on Craigslist UK twice, once for 1900UKP and again for 1800 UKP this time with engine number 1315*31429…………any guesses as to whether or not this engine is really in the seller’s possession….. Oh yes, pictures look like the USA Vendor’s originals

    Seller is now going by the name of Gareth, but still carrying Paul’s dead uncle with him

    Caveat emptor and all that………………a fool and his money………..yada, yada


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