Market 487: 750 Spider 03714 in Beverly Hills

Giulietta Spider 750D 1495*03714.  Our friends at Beverly Hills Car Club have this 750 Spider based Abnormale on eBay right now.  It looks nice enough but has some originality issues that 5 years ago would probably not have been as big a deal, but with these cars getting expensive, buyers will be doing research, and be quickly confused.
Almost looks black.  Trim and panel fit is great.  Borrani’s all around.

I can’t tell you how many times I have seen ‘dual exhaust’ misspelled as ‘duel exhaust’, which always brings a chuckle – especially in the context of the rest of the Firebird write-up, but on a Giulietta, it hasn’t come up.  I see some not insignificant floor patches.
2 Liter?  1750?  It’s not a small block, that’s for sure.  Dig the overflow bottle.  Semi-unreasonable amount of overspray on stuff?  Was done with a particular objective in mind.
It occurs to me from his angle, that I don’t see much originality here except maybe the washer bag, but GTD will probably chime in that it’s from a Fiat 600.  WHAT is going on with the exhaust manifold??
Patch or fiberglass – you decide.  Send unit access cover is missing in either case.  That’s some high dollar red carpet I see there… 
Tiny bit of door jamb overspray.  Carpet looks like red astro turf.  Speaker placement leaves a lot to be desired – but who can possibly cruise a Spider -especially a duel exhaust one- without some ‘Hot for teacher’.  Seats look like they’re running at about 90 PSI.
I just feel like a jerk critiquing what probably took a lot of effort and yet ended up so wrong.  
Yep.  That’s a tall steering column spacer.  I’d be curious to sit in this car and experience the positioning.  Is that a Fiat 600 door pull??
Back to pretty.
Trunk even fits pretty good.
Looks like a Sprint Veloce badge on the trunk.  If I was good at photoshop, I’d add a third exhaust tip dead center.
Y’know, you’ll still look pretty cool cruising the main drag of your home town in this thing and everyone will be either blissfully unaware of any short comings, or too polite to point them out to your face.  Win – win no?  At any rate – I’d be on a plane with a magnet in my pocket if this was something I was considering.


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