Market 238: 58 Spider Veloce roller

Update 1/28/2014:  $99,000 premium live auction result.  This car has come a long way in almost 4 years.  “The course of true love never did run smooth…  So quick bright things come to confusion.”

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 10.32.49 PM

Update 7/31/10: Seller ended the auction early when an acceptable bid came in.  The new owner contacted me but a selling price was not revealed.  I’m going to guess somewhere between $15k – $20k.  New owner sounds enthusiastic about the car so hopefully the restoration will be seen through.

Giulietta Spider Veloce 750F 1495*03326, 1315*30818. This car is on eBay right now out of Michigan.  As far as mostly disassembled roller projects go it is a pretty good starting point having matching numbers, not too much rust (I know -but I’ve seen so much worse) and no real accident damage.  Step right up!

Nose looks great as a starting place -no ugly repairs to correct, no gaping rust holes and the Veloce intake divider seen here next to the drivers side marker light is in good shape.

It’s what you want to see in a project car, ready to start making lists and planning.  Wheels look to be Fergats.

This rust is not as bad as you might think.  Just get it fixed right and move on thankful that it’s not much much worse.

Originally red?  Guess so.  Not sure why this was cut out in this particular way but so it goes.  Plan on a lot of delicate metal work in the corners.

Difficult to find seat tracks?  Check!  Uncut trans tunnel?  Check!  reasonably solid floors?  Err.. check!  Not bad really -the dash nosing and mirror look serviceable.

That’s thankfully not the stock spare placement.  Weird Motorola (I think) mono radio is the same as my 63 SS has.  Speedo and Tach should clean up nicely.  Steering wheel rim looks good.

The goods!  Tunnel case trans, Veloce oil pan and presumably Veloce cams.

Numbers.  Motor mount is the correct item as is the Distributor if I’m not mistaken.  See that bracket on the dip stick tube?  It goes to the intake.

More numbers.  Odd that I have 03325 and 03327 on my register already.

With restored cars of this sort making $60K + I expect this auction to end well for the seller.  I have cut and pasted the auction text below because I think it’s an excellent example of a well thought out description.

Exemplary Auction description: “Up for auction is an original Alfa Romeo Giulietta 750F Short Wheelbase Veloce.  Very rare original Veloce garage find.  Recently discovered after being garaged for over 39 years.  After contacting the Alfa Romeo archives, I received the following email:  According to our documentation files, the chassis number AR 1495 F 03326 originally corresponds to an Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider Veloce, manufactured on the 23rd of January 1958 and sold on the 10th of February 1958 to Hoffman Motor Car Co., New York, USA.  The body color is red.  Sincerely, Marco Fazio – Alfa Romeo Automobilisimo Storico.  Centro Direzionale.  Viale Alfa Romeo.  Arese Italy.  The engine number for the Veloce engine block is:  AR 1315*30818.  I have documentation from old registrations that shows the ownership history of this very rare Veloce including the last title which was issued in 1969.  The odometer shows the original mileage at 45,000 which the the long time owner confirmed at being original.

I purchased this Veloce from a gentleman that has owned the Alfa for over 30 years.  He had purchased it from a friend of his many years ago, and he never got around to doing anything with the Alfa.  He is now in his mid ’70’s and has come the realization that he will never get to this very special project.  He purchased the Alfa exactly the way it sits right now.  The friend had taken the Alfa apart to do a restoration, and sadly it never was restored.  This is a very rare opportunity to do a full restoration on one of the most desireable Alfa’s.  If you are reading this ad, you know the rarity and value of a true Veloce.  Many people say their Alfa is a Veloce, but the Vin number on the firewall is what determines a true Veloce from a Normale.  This is the real deal, and the picture of the Vin number supports that.  When you look at the picture of the Vin # you can clearly see the “F” above the number which designates this car as a factory Veloce car.  The fresh air vent on the driver’s side front also supports that this is a Veloce as well.  The title and old registrations list the Vin # correctly as a Veloce with the “F” –  the Veloce designation.

As you can see in the pictures, this car is a true project car requiring a full restoration.   The car is mostly complete, and I will do my best to list what the car comes with, and also what is missing.  This represents a wonderful opportunity to purchase a Veloce at an affordable price and wil offer one of the best investments among Alfa Romeo’s.  A fully restored Veloce can bring in excess of $70,000 for a well restored example.  With the low original miles, this Alfa will be worth alot of money once it has undergone a proper restoration.  If you are going to go through the expense on doing a full restoration, why don’t you restore an Alfa that will be worth much more than any other Alfa model available today.  Besides a special bodied Zagato, the Veloce’s are one of the most sought after Alfa’s.

Please look at the pictures carefully so that you can have a sense of the car’s condition.  As stated, this Alfa will need a complete ground up restoration.  If you have ever dreamed about owing a Veloce, this may be your best opportunity to buy one at an affordable price.  Take your time and you will one of the most beloved Veloce’s in your garage.

As you can see, the body is quite straight including the very delicate nose panel.  The doors were off the car when I collected it, and I was able to install the passenger side door.  I have not been able to locate the hinges for the driver’s side, and fit the door when I took the pictures.  I am trying to locate the hinges so that the door can be mounted prior to being picked up.  I cannot guarantee that I can locate the hinges, but will do my best to take care of it.  The Alfa did not come with the trunk lid, but I have located one that I can include if the buyer so desires.  I have also located some Veloce Carbs which can be included at the buyers expense as well.   I have not priced these items out, but will offer that option at the buyers cost.

The following items are missing from the Alfa – there may be more items missing.
1.  Trunk lid
2.  Gas tank
3.  Seats
4.  Carbs
5.  Radiator
6.  Exterior Door Handles
7.  Interior Door Handles & Window Cranks.
8.  Keys
9.  Steering Center Cap

The following items are included with the Alfa and there are more which I will list as I update the auction.
1.    Veloce engine block # AR 1315*30818
2     Transmission
3.    Veloce Headers
4.    Veloce Oil Pan
5.    Cylinder Head
6.    Driveshaft
7.    All glass – windshield & door glass
8.    Top Frame
9.    Headlight Buckets
10.  Front Bumper – L & R
11.  Eye brow’s – L & R
12.  Grill
13.  Rear Bumper – 3 pieces
14.  Seat Tracks
15.  Trunk Hinges – L & R
16.  Hood Hinges – L & R
17.  Tail Light Lenses – L & R
18.  Pedal Assy.
19.  Other misc items.

As stated this Veloce will need a full restoration. The wiring is intact as well as the guages.  The dashboard is in good shape as well as the top of the dash.  Has period correct radio.  Showing 45,000 original miles and has been stored for over 30 years by the previous owner.  The last registration was issued in 1971 which means the Alfa has been garaged stored for a total of 39 years!  This will make a wonderful restoration project that will be an excellent investment for the next owner.  Spare no expense and you will have an Alfa that will continue to appreciate for years to come.  There are very few Veloces left, and I will consider all serious offers for the buyer that appreciates the rarity of this beautiful Veloce.    I am obviously selling the Alfa in as is condition with no warranty expressed or implied.  I have done my best to describe the Alfa to the best of my ability.  There may be some details that I may have missed.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.  My feedback rating speaks for itself, so you can bid with confidence.  The fine print:  If you have 2 or more negative feedback ratings  or 2 unpaid auctions, you must contact me prior to bidding.  If you don’t your bid may be cancelled.  I require a $500.00 non  refundable deposit preferably by paypal within 24 hours of the end of the auction.  The balance is due within 3 days of the end of the auction.  The Alfa must be picked up within 10 days of the auction end date.  A fee of $20.00 per day will be charged beyond the 10 day time frame unless prior arrangements have been made.  If paying in person, cash must be paid.  The Alfa comes with a clear Michigan Title.  If you have any questions, ask before you bid.  If you are an International Buyer, I will be happy to assist in any way I can.  Shipping is up to the buyer to arrange.  I have sold several cars to European buyers that were extremely satisfied with their experience.  Once again, if you are a serious buyer and want to make an offer, I will consider ending the auction early.  I reserve the right to end the auction early.”


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  1. Certainly less than it’s restoration cost! Any thoughts on why it failed to crack the 6-digit barrier? For example, did it’s color change contribute materially to the low sales price?

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