Market 485: Sprint 1600 project in SF Bay Area

Update 1/27/14:  I went and had a look for a reader here who bought the car for close to asking price.  Some aspects were better than expected, some worse – but a decent buy on balance.

Giulia Sprint 10112 AR358494.  00112*12332 Body 6531139. There was a time when I would be all over a project like this Sprint 1600 on eBay, but nowadays I’m nose down focused on doing adult stuff like growing a business so I can buy a house for Rufus to grow up in.  I know what you’re thinking – 5 posts ago I was patting myself on the back for buying a Spider not unlike this in its requirement for commitment and effort – fair enough – but I have been rationalizing that purchase with the notion I might sell the Porsche or AH3000 to preserve space, funds and sanity.  I am sitting a few minutes from the seller of this car, so if anyone wants me to check it out for them – I wouldn’t mind the excuse to go see it for myself.

$_57 (1)

Looks a bit like mine – even more like Aaron’s. No deal breaker issues from this angle.  There was a time when old Sprints like this could regularly be found on the streets of Berkeley, San Francisco and other Bay Area cities.  Lots of them sold new here.  

$_57 (3)

Engine is described as most likely rebuilt.  If that’s true – it’s a big plus for a car without many plusses other than what it is.

$_57 (4)

What’s a little chrome among friends?  Seller states there is a bucket with many little nuggets like the trunk latch.  Looks like Spider reflectors to me.

$_57 (5)

The technical term for it is crazing.  There appears to be a lot of layers here to remove before paint can be applied.  Brake cooling holes are poorly placed.

$_57 (6)

Steering wheel looks brown.  I like these interiors.  Early 70’s Spider seats?

$_57 (7)

Pan looks good.  Original carpet.  I actually have a full set of Blue interior for a Sprint in my storage…

$_57 (9)

Surface rust.  Nice muffler!

$_57 (13)

Aaron’s car had almost exactly the same rust and was probably beside this car on the floor at Griswold.

Go for it I say.  My impression of this car is better now than it was a few weeks ago when I looked at it the first time.  What could possibly go wrong.  I have a friend in the area who has begun doing rust repair on Alfa’s, so you could even get this repaired before shipping it out.


3 thoughts on “Market 485: Sprint 1600 project in SF Bay Area

  1. $15K for bodywork and upholstery and $4.95 for a radiator cap and you’ve got a car Goodings could sell for $100K at Scottsdale next year. It actually does look fundamentally sound, and I bet the hardest part to find for it will be the brightwork trim around the rear window. But at least while the window’s out to have that done, the new headliner can go in.

  2. Yes, a lot like mine, crinkly paint and all. This one has worse rust in the trunk – on mine it was localized to the battery tray, which I cut out and replaced with new metal.

    I hope one of your readers here gives you an excuse to go look at this thing in person.

  3. Thanks Matt for taking the time to give me the run down on this Sprint. Looking forward to getting it home and start the restoration!


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