Market 157: restored 101 Sprint in Australia

Update 1/20/2014:  This car found its way to Texas and recently sold through Driversource for about $45,000.  Still a nice looking example. This car was priced a bit on the high side back in 2009 or the market hasn’t moved much I guess.  I’ll split the difference.

Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 1.56.10 PM

A great color for Sprints I think.

10/21/2009: Giulietta Sprint 750B 1493*06979, 1315*06197.  Frank sent me an email pointing out this car for sale at Classic Throttle Shop in Sydney Australia (who also has a VERY charming Fiat 850 panel van.). Asking price for this Sprint is AUD$43,995 or a little over $40,000 US.  A high price, but a very nice car.

2alfagiuliettaNothing to fault here.  Grills, headlight rings, lenses, bumper etc all look very nice.  A pair of period Carello headlamps would be the finishing touch, but Australia might have ordinances about headlight brightness that they actually enforce.  I have the wipers set that high on my windshield and they move around and chatter at speed, they need to be just at the edge of the windshield gasket on the up side of the free play since the 60 – 80 mph winds they will encounter while working will keep them at that position.  Repositioning mine is like job 1142 on my list of things to do.

6alfagiuliettaPanel gaps and window clarity are amazing.  I am a big fan of this color.  I think this is one of the unofficial paint colors that Bertone offered.  Will have to consult d&T.  Again, brightwork is all very nice.

5alfagiuliettaI wonder if this is an Australia since new car?  Is that a 300 SL in the background?  I like the approach this place has, these are very nice pictures in a very clean environment.  Professional.

4alfagiuliettaMore to admire.  Look at the reflection along the side of the car.

31alfagiuliettaA sight I frequently see, but usually in red and not this well turned out.  This is about the limit for me of acceptible yellowing in gauges.  Any more and you would want them restored.  You can just glimpse the photographer in the rear view.  I wonder if it still has the tunnel case trans?

34alfagiuliettaI think that’s the same radio mine came with.  I included this picture because it’s an unusual angle unless, like me, you’ve been working on the wiper motor in your Sprint and you happened to look right while climbing out from under the dash.  This color really brings out the chrome and polished aluminum.

28alfagiuliettaA little busy with the three tone seats, but not really detracting.  It is not over-stuffed or in carnival ride colors and the seats match the door panels and both complement the color of the car so I say thumbs up. 

18alfagiuliettaMissing fuel filler door?  Incorrect gas cap?  No trunk lid prop?  Incorrect spare clamp? About $350 would put this all to right.  I think you would get exhaust and fuel smell in the cabin without the fuel door, at least I did the time I left mine open.  I know, I’m nit-picking, but this is among the most expensive Sprint Normale’s I’ve written about.

20alfagiuliettaPretty good in here.  I think the original washer bags for these cars were blue/gray.  I know -who cares!  I’m feeling redundant always mentioning Darth Vaders elbows when it comes to vent ducting, but Centerline has some really nice Pirelli type rubber ones that look great and are inexpensive -keep in mind, I don’t have any ducting!  Other than that, clean and I assume functional.  Oh, you want more?  Okay, air cleaner clamp should be plated (not shiney chrome, the other stuff) and those zip ties are going to make messing with the ignition wires a chore.

23alfagiuliettaAnd the numbers.

The problem with a $40,000 Giulietta Sprint is I feel obliged to point out any flaws.  I mean if this thing came up on eBay with a $500 opening bid, no reserve and a useless description I’d be praising it to no end, but it’s not, it’s a professionally restored, professionally photographed, profoundly nice example with a few Very minor flaws, for full global retail.  I personally think this should be a more expensive car, that they all should, since they don’t suffer in comparison to the only real period competition for style and performance and if this was a 1958 example of one of those it would be more money.  Someone will buy this for close to asking, someone who doesn’t know much about Alfa’s but has the money and recognizes a really special car.  I wish mine was this nice!

Another nice Sprint.

And another one, this one a racer.

And the always fun to look at project.


6 thoughts on “Market 157: restored 101 Sprint in Australia

  1. A funny thing happened here; I stopped reading when I got to the part about the Fiat van. Man I want that thing! I wonder if they’d trade for a Chevy C30 panel — surely just as rare down under. I think with a van like that, we could engage in some excellent red brigade activity.

  2. Yes Matt, this Sprint definitely still has its (desirable) tunnel-case transmission. You’ll see no ‘shift tower’ bulge in the floor of the side dash interior view.
    Yours will look this good some time, after you FIX the better halfs’ windhhield wipers!

    • I was pretty sure that was the case but I have taken on a tactic of open ended obsevations to encourage reader participation. I’m glad to see it’s working!

      Wiper motor is DEAD. Trying to get APE to dig me up a new one.


  3. Thanks for the update. Seems that the “market’ for a nicely restored turn-key Normale should be at least $45K now? It’s rare to see a Normale without some level of past-owner customization. I wonder what this car actually sold for back in 2009.

  4. Good Job! I see the seats covers in the picture above. We are an Italian company that restore Alfas and produces Alfas interiors. Seats covers and all interiors, carpets, rubbers and floor mats. on my blog you can find several posts about Giuliettas Sprint. It would be nice to have you visit my blog just to check our hand made interiors. You would like them! I enclose a link just to show you door panels for 1st series
    I hope to hear from you, even a comment!

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