Spider tri-gauge cleaned up

I have had a gauge restoration kit from David at Parts Correct on my shelf for a while, and today I got to install some of the parts in the tri-gauge destined for my Spider.  The gauge that came with the car had some dings in the trim ring and was missing a calibration screw so I dug into my gauge box for a better one to rebuild.  Ended up putting together a ‘best from several’ gauge.  The hardest part of the job was getting all the parts clean enough – especially keeping lint off the black tri-gauge faces.  Lint-free wippes and Isopropyl Alcohol work wonders.  The easy part was fitting David’s parts.  The rubber ring that fits in the chrome trim ring fit perfectly, the insert needed no ‘adjustment’ to have the gauge fit back together perfectly.  Absolutely spot-on fitting parts.



Ha!  I didn’t realize I restored a metric gauge until right now.  Might have to swap the business end of things tomorrow – or just deal with it – all my engineering and chemistry homework was in metric units so I’m comfortable enough in C rather than F.  In my defense, I did this in about 15 minutes tonight.  Big difference can be seen between the ‘usual’ old gauge and one with the dust removed, glass cleaned, the trim ring polished and a new insert.


I repainted the one installed in the gauge – was going to wait until I saw how good the color looked to spray this other one.  Decent enough match.  I couldn’t find the Duplicolor ‘Desert Mica’, so I went with ‘Champagne Opal’ I think it was.  I used a heat gun to dry the paint so I wouldn’t have to wait.


This really is pretty easy work.  



Pick-n-pull on a small scale.

One part down, several thousand to go.  No rush, no destination, no agenda, just a little task before driving to daycare.


7 thoughts on “Spider tri-gauge cleaned up

  1. Hi Matt, the SS is coming along in assembly now. I’ve installed the suspension and started on the wiring harness. You mentioned Parts Direct as a source for your gauges. Do you think. They’d have the proper chrome bezel for my car too? As near as I an tell, everything else looks good in the interior.

    Kevin Murray

  2. F created the first thermometer. His reasoning behind it was that from 0 to 100 (F) required no exceptional behavior from people to survive. Above 100 and below 0 required attention and thought. The C thermometer is great if you want to boil water, at sea level.

    • Good points. C is also good if you don’t want to work a complicated non linear conversion factor into your solution energy balance equation.


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