Drum roll please: Giulietta Spider 750D 04151

You know the scene in a spy movie when the guy has a stethoscope on the safe door next to the number dial and the final number clicks into place?  The safe opens, everyone breathes a collective sigh of relief, the required thing was inside, and the plot moves on.  Something like that happened to me this weekend.  Andrew had this Spider on eBay and I went for a casual look – not expecting anything dramatic to happen – like me actually buying, but here I am today getting a Spider towed to the shop of a buddy who does body repair (rust and collision damage) on old cars – especially Giulietta Spiders.  The plot has moved on – the cast of characters has increased – I have proven myself acquisitionally undisciplined.  Woot – I have a SWB 750 Spider!


How you find them sometimes – totally as parked.  No one has monkeyed with it.  Needs everything, but doesn’t need it all at once.  I can deal with that.  Needs a nose job, but it’s going in for that today.  


Usual critique – good shut lines – handsome enough as is.


Note rockers – I’ll probably just wash it and cruise.


Good rocker here too!


Yes, trunk lower edge rust, can’t win them all, and it helped me afford the car.  Anyone have a tail light trim ring for me?  Not quite straight is fine.


Lots of original here = lots to change or sympathetically clean up.


Under battery rust needs attention. but not too bad.


How often do you find a 750 engine at this level of complete and unapartness?  Does need major crank work…  Anyone have an aluminum fan for me?


Rockers will eventually need replacement – might just have it done right out of the gate to ensure it ever gets done.


Stuff.  Good looking radiator.  I sold Andrew that rubber boot that goes around the shifter…

Game plan?  Do the nose and rust repairs, and mechanically do as little as possible to make it roadworthy.  Take it from there.


10 thoughts on “Drum roll please: Giulietta Spider 750D 04151

    • That was my thinking on 750’s. I’d been casually looking for a while, but failed to see the one right under my nose until it was listed on eBay.

      Now I’m very happy.


  1. Well done Matt !
    You should complete the total restoration in time for Rufus to enjoy it in college !!
    Just kidding – nice to see it went to a good home.

    • No total restoration here -not something I appear to have the attention span for! Minimum to drive then slow little jobs until Rufus is in college.


  2. Matt- 1958? May have a tail light for you, but then somebody closer probably does too.
    You do have a parts manual right?


    • Charlie,

      I do have the parts manual. I am only missing the chrome trim ring for the tail light. No one near me has stepped up with one. I’d be happy to throw some $ at you if you got it in a box for me.


      • Matt:

        Let me look in my attic; give me an Email at my address so I can get your shipping address.


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