Serendipity Distraction Collection part 2

Never underestimate.  Avoid gift horse mouth looking.  Roll with punches.  Say what you will.  Ellipsis.  I wont apologize, but dammit, I’m all full up with cool cars that came a-knocking and were almost entirely unlooked for.  I created a vacuum by selling everything but the Sprint last spring, and nature being nature threw some cars at me to fill the hole in my garage.  It’s my fault, I should have bought that SWB series Land Rover to strap an aluminum canoe on top of, pack some fishing poles and camping gear in and take Rufus out into the trees, but I didn’t -not yet anyway (anyone have a SWB series Land Rover to add to this tale?).  I know, get on with it – what did I get?

Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 1.33.25 PM


As found…

Exhibit A:  1972 Porsche 914 1.7.  This was my uncle’s car.  He bought it in 1975.  The engine and transmission were rebuilt in 1978 by Barry Daniels – an ex-racer of Porsches who balanced and blue-printed it, converting it to Webers, high compression Euro pistons, modified the gearing etc.  It’s way fast – 2 liter in a Giulietta Spider fast.  Original interior is really clean, it has zero rust and a most excellent set of 15×6 ATS wheels.  It’s lowered, has custom sway bars and Bilsteins front and back.  California smog law that came into effect in 1984 forced it off the road until they rolled the cut-off year to 1975, but he had lost interest in it by then.  I remember walking by it in his garage a bunch of times as a kid.  I knew it would end up in my possession some day –I had been asking him about it at family events the last few years and he would say “yeah, someday”.  Someday came back in July.  Fluids changed, clutch freed up and vroom.  It has a few unfortunate dents, and will get painted someday, but I don’t mind it as it is.

Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 1.33.55 PM


Odd steering wheel.

photo (11)


I need a tweed coat and scarf.

Exhibit B:  Austin Healey 3000 1962 BT7 tri-carb.  An old friend used to drive this around in my hometown of Benicia when I was a kid.  I’d see him and think he looked like a millionaire driving it.  Oddly, the same week that saw my uncle offer me the Porsche, he offered me the AH.  It’s entirely rust free –rust-freer than any I have ever seen that wasn’t restored.  It had been occupying the left side of his garage since about 2000 when it was deemed not fit to drive any longer.  Turned out to have a loose harmonic balancer that was in turn a loose lower timing gear that had been nibbling away at the woodruff key that positioned it on the crank until it had about 5-10 degrees of free play resulting in all sorts of weird symptoms.  Runs great now.  I’m in the market for a hard top.



Yes this was taken through the windshield of my Rabbit.

Exhibit C: 1957 Volvo 444.  Black Plate, rust free, B20 powered Swedish fun.  Dan had it on CL, I went to look and we did a trade that saw me into it for very little cash.  Why?  Stephanie has consistently for the last 15 years responded to every classic car I contemplated buying with “What about a Volvo 444 or 544?”  So it goes.  It’s in for a paint job and interior redo.  I think I can pawn it off on her and get that Land Rover next unless my neighbor offers me his 912.

I still have stuff I want of course, but the latest wave of serendipitous distractions are a lot of fun!


5 thoughts on “Serendipity Distraction Collection part 2

  1. That is an awesome post, post more, I look forward to them. I drive a 2010 535, close to automotive perfection, but not the romance of the 100/6 of my long lost youth. Still drooling for a 57′ Giulietta Sprint (or possibly a 4C). That 100/6 had rust in the chassis outriggers so on a stern corner the outboard door would fly open and, if there was no passenger, you had to lean over a close it, exciting.


    haven’t heard from you for a while – I picked up a AH3000 also tho with a 289 another project -it’s your fault ! there were some nice ones in your place in san Leandro that sparked a germ -I’ve also been perusing Land Rovers actually early 2 door range rovers with stick shifts. also small world my wife bought a lovely alfetta and it turns out it was owned by the guy who is restoring Richards S.S.

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