Market 428: Giulia Spider Veloce 10118 390417 -needs a little

Update7/12/13: This Spider is back on eBay after being cooped up for over a year.  Samee pictures, so probably the same owner/seller.  Have prices moved in 12 months?

July 5, 2012: Giulia Spider Veloce 10118*390417, 00121*01950. On eBay right now out of Novi Michigan -a city I’ve never heard of except as the source of a lot of eBay auctions for Alfa stuff.  This car needs everything and is not for the faint of heart -but will yield an uncommon, very usable and valuable car when done.  Some guys like the last of a breed, with all upgrades like disk brakes and more CC’s -if you’re one of those guys, this is the Spider for you.  Me?  I like the early stuff with small tail lights and drum brakes.

Lot’s of metal has been replaced along the wheel arch and rocker -looks to me like it will need touching up.  Doesn’t look too scary here.  I think lowering the soft top would be an improvement on presentation.

That metal work is up to some guys standards -but the point of buying this car is it’s the rare Veloce edition and in perfect shape is expensive.

A lot of hard to find stuff is present.  That floor mat is misleading, int he next picture you can see the ground as the whole section is cut out.  This car will be tough to take apart.  A long journey is in store for the new owner.

They did a thorough job of the color change.  Note the German delivery tag above the regulator.

The numbers.

More numbers.


4 thoughts on “Market 428: Giulia Spider Veloce 10118 390417 -needs a little

  1. Wow that’s a rough one. Rust never sleeps here… I have seen worse cars repaired and brought to life. Its tough to see the repair work and his description of it as “amature” is not reassuring.

  2. I likewise am a fan of small-light 750 rather than 101 Spiders, though I own one myself. Why? Simple – the new tail-lights are so big that they’re all that you look at when admiring the car from the rear… and furthermore, the lengthened chassis adds nothing to the side profile of the car.

    Anyway, this car here would be a good project for someone, and I wish him/her lots of luck, and eventual success!

  3. Novi, Michigan is most famous in car circles for its regular RM classic car auctions and a Motor Sport Hall of Fame.

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