Anyone in the UK care to help me collect a part I bought?

Update 5/16/13:  I want to thank all of you who acted on this so quickly!  The Bike Barn has heard from several of you while I slept last night and it appears they are now thinking about me and my order again.  I’ll keep you all posted on what transpires.

I don’t know if any of you care, but this engine is just a few numbers off from a frame I have (CB72 13073) -which is how they tended to come from the factory -much like our Giuliettas.  Honda only made about 3000 of these 1961 CB72’s and they are among the most sought after early Hondas.

5/15/2013: All, I bought a rare early Honda motorcycle engine case CB72E 113024 from UK eBay seller ‘The Bike Barn LTD’ and have not received my part.  It’s been 5 months and I am not getting my emails returned anymore.  Unfortunately I bought directly rather than through eBay, and the time window which I can contest the charge through paypal has long since closed. I don’t really have any idea how to make a formal complaint to any UK authorities or anything, so I thought I’d make an appeal here.

Would any UK based reader be interested in giving them a call and seeing if they can get an idea what’s up?  Their phone number is: 01905 622122.  I’m not sure where in the UK they are…



6 thoughts on “Anyone in the UK care to help me collect a part I bought?

  1. Hi Matt

    I hate it when that happens….

    I had a look on line they are still trading .Its in Worcester 30 miles from Birmingham,I am in Newcastle about 220 miles away but i would be happy to give them a call and chase it up .Do you have an order or anything?



  2. Hi Matt
    The phone number is for an address in Gloucester, south west England.
    Too far for me to pop in the car and pick up the part I’m afraid.
    What do they say when you ring them?
    If it would help to give them a UK address for delivery I’d be happy to help, and post the part on to you.

  3. This company is in Worcester. The phone message is ‘not available now’ so I will try again at various times and see what happens. If they don’t agree a deal we could suggest a UK small claims court case. Email me any other details…price, date of order, etc and your address and I will chase it up.

  4. Matt- I have spoken to them, and they have heard from someone else as well. They are trying to sort out today….they may find and get the part to me as I am over in USA on the 29th and can post it to you.Will keep you informed.

  5. I have a friend in the London area who writes extensively about Ferrari’s-I could contact him if you wish.
    On another subject, do you have any info or leads on where my old 64 Alfa Giulia Spider, #378102 might be?

    Larry Benson

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