Reproduced: Gauge restoration kit -inserts, o-rings and more part 1.

I was taking my monthly cruise of the AlfaBB the other day and found a post by Uncle Rick praising the efforts of to make gauge inserts for our Giuliettas.  I went to their website and found out that they were local to me and they were David, who I met a few years ago while out in my Sprint.  An email exchange ensued and now I sit with his complete gauge restoration kit on my work table.  It’s a pleasure to report that my high expectations have been greatly exceeded!  These gauge inserts are simply stunning!

On the product explanation/description sheet that came in the box with the parts is the message: “Parts made to be absolutely correct.  Not my interpretation of it… not different because it was easier… just plain not different!  Exact reproductions for enthusiasts!!!”IMG_6697 

The kit:  gauge inserts in a clear plastic that will not yellow in time, asymmetric o-rings that go between the chrome ring and glass, o-rings that go between the gauge body and recessed ring and/or dash (depending on whether it’s a Spider or Sprint), small o-rings that go under the drive mount screws and flat insulating rubber gaskets that go between the speedo or tach drive and gauge housing.


New and old side-by-side.  I guess you can tell which is which.  


You can see here how well matched the scripts are.  They are impressed into the plastic just like the originals.  New inserts are super smooth and crystal clear.  There is no bleed-over from the paint onto the clear plastic part.


Here’s the new one set into an apart gauge I had lying around.  I’ve assembled other reproduction lenses into gauges before and they never looked this good.  


For comparison.

US market Normal and Veloce sets are currently available, and I know he is working on Euro styles.  I am compelled to write and say: If you have been thinking about restoring your gauges now is the time to do it.  I know David has every intention of continuing to make these, but if his life is in anyway similar to mine, things may come up and wait times for new batches may occur.  I’m just sayin’…

Part 2 will occur when I get a few minutes to pull the gauges out of my Sprint and do the parts swap.

And a Craig Morningstar quote from the 750/101 Yahoo group: “Well gang, I found some paint that looks very close to these eyes. It is Dupli-Color import auto spray touch up #8801610 “Desert Sand Mica” with no mention of brand car it is for but rest assured it aint for an Alfa Romeo! I bought this at Pep Boys but I’m sure any parts store that sells touch-up has this stuff. It looks good on the outer ring and very close to the center of the instrument.”


4 thoughts on “Reproduced: Gauge restoration kit -inserts, o-rings and more part 1.

  1. I made a set of these for a friend once. They turned out great but he didn’t like the look, and put the original browned ones back in. I would recommend getting a set while they are available, it took me some weeks to make the set, molds and all. I used a silicone mold for prototype parts so making 10 would be ok but once you make more they start to distort since the mold is soft and the heat from the catalyst tends to make the material deform a little each time.

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