Market 470: Project Spider 10103*11198 in FlOrlando

Update 5/6/2013: This charming candidate has found its way onto eBay.  Already at $6600.

Screen Shot 2013-05-06 at 6.51.41 AM


Exciting stuff when you take an unfamiliar road in your neighborhood and find something like this.

4/19/2013: Giulietta Spider 10103*11198At the other end of the spectrum from yesterday’s Spider Veloce is this Spider out of the land of ahem.  Asking price is $14,500.  Looks like a real gem -especially the interior.  It runs in a recently-freed-up-with-Marvel-Mystery-oil sort of way.  Steering wheel is without cracks.  Good times for all!


One of those what were they thinkings on the color, neglect etc.  It is all there, but how much of it is usable.  


Trunk fits better than most $100K cars.  Assume the ‘other’ blue is rust cover up.


Where wrong meets wronger.  Steering wheel is crack free.  That’s a bonus.  Anyone know the source of these seats?


Brush painted black over original white.  This early a 101 would have the square plug head yes?  


3 thoughts on “Market 470: Project Spider 10103*11198 in FlOrlando

  1. If the bumpers look that bad, think about re-chroming costs for all the corroded bits. Think about the underside. It’s an Normale, not a Veloce! Who cares! I’d do it if I weren’t already in process with another and more. Better place to put your money than bonds, and going up in value rapidly (until the next financial crisis). Will go up with inflation, bonds will go down, and they aren’t much fun. Your wife is sure to understand. You’ll have a memorable experience.

    • I keep telling my wife this. My financial advisor understands, so does my accountant. But, who’s the boss, really? I have accumulated 5 Alfa’s and will be acquiring a 6th this Summer. My first complete resto will be finished and drivable come July. Come to Vintage Race Week in Pittsburgh. You can see it’s grand unveiling!

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