2013 California Mille meet and greet

As I sit here typing this morning there are a bunch of well-to-do and enthusiastic about old cars types motoring through the backroads of California on this years edition of the California Mille.  On the Sunday before departure they throw a bit of a party at the Fairmont on Nob Hill where the public can go experience that warm-n-fuzzy and the participants can show off their rides, tans and other accessories and grooming habits.

This is the first Mille since Martin Swig’s passing and his sons David and Howard kept the show going admirably.  Everyone I know in the SF bay area seems to have an amusing Martin story.  He is missed.



This was the star of my show, a 6C2500 in a great color and on the road.  Anyone know the story of this car?


This is just absurdly neat.  The two fill caps are fuel and oil.  


One of those big Sprint’s I’ve been making noise about.  Behind it is a duo of one of my favorites the AC Aceca -oh, and two AC Ace’s behind those.


This Alfa and the white one preceding have some stuff in common.  These Zagato bodied version of the 1900 is spectacular.  I believe Martin had a green one at some point.  Also a Spider (probably Veloce) and some sort of Ferrari thing behind it then some big Jag’s.



Yeah yeah, a light weight Sprint.  Spectacular.  Envy – drool – etc.

As I finish this post it’s evening and there is no doubt some cigar smoking and fancy wine drinking going on somewhere posh.  A few unlucky drivers are probably trying to arrange some help with this or that problem and there may even be a replacement car or two being trucked in, but I’m sure spirits are high and life is being lived.

I intend to return to the vintage car rally/tour scene as soon as Rufus is a little older – probably when his car seat can face forward!


I had to carry Ruf a lot since at his height he seems to be in everyones blind spot.


8 thoughts on “2013 California Mille meet and greet

  1. Any thoughts of having a “meet and greet” this summer with the convention, for the Giulietta followers? Just an idea.

    • I have thought of it. Need to pay more attention to the convention. I suppose I might join the AROC some day unless they want to make me an honorary member for my efforts…


  2. I have been a member of AROC for about 25 years now and have an article on my giulia ss about to be published, you may have seen it in the Giuliettaletta? I have also been a member of the Giulietta register for around 20 years or so. I think its about time a little more was done with the 750/101 in connection Aroc I have had a few articles printed over the years in the mag, they are a great bunch and always make us welcome.
    Dave Ward

  3. Beautiful cars!!!! Nice information. Keep up with it. Currently I ´am restoring a Sprint Veloce light weight 1957 I wonder how can help me to find out original color?


  4. The grey car is a modern recreation of a berlinetta that ran in the 1940 Mille Miglia.
    More photos and info on the Veloce Today site.

  5. as we are rebuilding/restoring a 1955 C SS Zagato here in NM, we would love to find out who own this jewel. Either a EMAIL addy or phone # w/ name. The car here is Chassis#02016/Zagto #1207. we could use some directions on finding parts. Jeff

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