Market 458: Spider 750D 02277 in PA

Update 4/25/2013:  Strange as it may seem, this car has turned up for sale in Budapest.  No price is quoted.

Screen Shot 2013-04-25 at 4.24.57 PM

Update 3/2/13:  Unsold for $24,500, but 4 offers.

Screen Shot 2013-03-02 at 1.43.07 PM

Giulietta Spider 750D 02277, 1315*42184.  This car is available on eBay out of Barto, PA from someone who knows the enlightening power of a lot of images -137 total! Needs a lot, but is complete and not too rusty.  As the seller suggests, it could be used as is and slowly improved if that’s your thing.


Straight, unmolested and charming.  A good cleaning and polishing would make this look really good.  I’d be tempted to just remove the bumpers at this point.


Great door fit.  Nice backdrop.


Trunk lid needs some touch up or a repaint to match the rest.  Then again, theres some rust to repair, so you’d probably just ignore this for now.


Just painting the wheels would do a lot for it. Door fit is excellent over here too.


Sad steering wheel for sure.  Used spark plugs belong in the glove box right?


Looks like one of those jumbo Lucas coils.  What’s up with the upper radiator to manifold hose?  Nice to see the right airbox in place.


Positive ID.


The kind of crunchy rust and paint you’ll find on the lower edges of the car.

Not sure how close to the $24,500 price they will get, but as a runner driver, it’s got a lot of interesting potential.


8 thoughts on “Market 458: Spider 750D 02277 in PA

  1. I purchased one in near similar conditions and when it arrived we found out that we must perform a complete structural replacements. I am driving to Italy this summer with my cousin and will try to collect some parts there. At least the seats look nicer than mine

  2. Something doesn’t sit right here: the eBay seller wouldn’t sell for $24,500 yet the car miraculously appears in Budapest (with the same photos) two months later with an asking price of 20,000 Euro. Even if shipping from PA to Budapest were free, there wouldn’t appear to be much margin here for the Budapest dealer. I’d step carefully with this one.

  3. I agree with Antonio. That car could be a structural nightmare. I would not advise bidding until one has performed a careful in person inspection. It is notable that the seller has included no photos of the undercarriage and other rust-prone areas. Originality and good panel fit do not tell the whole story, by any means.

  4. This is undoubtedly a scam as I sold this car to a gentleman here in the states and the car is sitting in my garage awaiting pick-up.

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