Market 475: Spider 10104*09014 owned twice, sold twice

Giulietta Spider 10104*09014, 1315*013829.  This fellow is for sale now out of Omaha for $69,500.  Body has had extensive reconstruction done to a high standard, with everything rebuilt or refreshed.  Interior colors are not original, which some potential buyers may grumble about, but it looks pretty good.  Prospective buyers should go check it out, as there are lots of tiny details that need to be inspected at this price point.


So far so good.  Door fit is excellent.  Trim all has a very nice shine.  George expects me to comment on the Fergats but I wont.


Trunk fit is good as well.  These are my favorite of the Spider tail lights.  I suspect the reflectors are on upside down.  Lloyd Pearson.


I’m not sure how I feel about the white seats.  Radio is not very attractive.  Steering wheel cover looks fat.


Yellowed gauges, cracked steering wheel center and ‘floating’ shift boot carpet trim.  I’m just sayin’…


Tuck that underhood blanket in at the edges.  Some weirdness on the steering column side of the engine compartment.


Pretty good all in all.  Two liter valve cover.


1 thought on “Market 475: Spider 10104*09014 owned twice, sold twice

  1. This is my Alfa. Purchased used in 1964 from LLoyd Pearson in Pasadena…..Just want to say that the interior and seats are exactly as I first bought it. Auto Kraft was able to match it even to the perforations on the seat back……………….Just sayin’

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