Market 474: Spider 10123*372432 in Sacramento

Giulia Spider 10123*372432.  This car is available now from Luxury Motorcars in Sacramento Ca.  I found it via CL.  Car is shiny red, seems to have blacked out rockers as well as poorly applied black to engine compartment and underhood.  All in all, maybe a decent buy at the $27,995 asking if there’s no or very little rust.  Sacramento is dry…


Not too bad at all.  Could be an excellent place to start.    Paint looks great as does the trim, but these are not very good pictures.

Screen Shot 2013-04-22 at 2.23.01 PM

This car is prior to the switch over to black gauges I guess.  Not bad at all.  Wrong mirror.


Doesn’t say much except black yuck.


Easily improved.  Wrong air box.  Wrong brake fluid res.


Looks fine.


Where are these seats from?


1 thought on “Market 474: Spider 10123*372432 in Sacramento

  1. I’ve seen more than my share of Giuliettas with blacked out trunks and engine compartments. In many cases it seems it would seem to have been more trouble than it was worth to change them to black. Are we absolutely sure (as much as anyone can be with Italian cars) that Pininfarina did not make some that were blacked out from the factory?

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