Market 471: Clean and bright Spider 10123 379673

Later that day: Asking price is $64,500.  Big dough for a 10123?

Giulia Spider 1600 10123*379673, 00112*15263.  Following in the footsteps of Market 467 is this extremely clean Spider.  Presentation is fantastic -almost a little too much production on the pictures some might say, but refreshing compared to the dark low-res pictures I so frequently have to work with.  No pictures of the underside are available and the engine compartment could use some detailing, but these may turn out to be trivialities based on what you find when you go look at it.


Hey Aaron, which region is LA?  See what I mean about the production value of the pictures?  This isn’t photoshopped into a sea of milk, it’s in a nice photo booth of sorts.  Oh, and the general fit and finish of the car looks fabulous.  Anyone know this car?


This is one of the best Spider 1600 dashes I’ve seen.  Usually these dash tops look like crap -even on nice cars, with the edges coming unglued here and there.  I like the white/black/red interior with metallic accents.  


Tidy, complete and for the most part correct, but in need of some re-plating, painting and polishing.  Are good crossover rubber hoses available for thee cars?

Screen Shot 2013-04-19 at 9.41.11 AM

Wow, great trunk lid fit here.  Looks like original all red tail light lenses too.  Interesting turned-down tail pipe.  Effort to keep exhaust smell out of the cabin?  Make sure.  Nothing detracts from a nice car like the smell of exhaust while driving.  Exhaust in the cabin is why I have sold all my GTV’s, 105 Spiders and a lot of others.

If anyone catches the asking price, let me know!


10 thoughts on “Market 471: Clean and bright Spider 10123 379673

    • I’m working on a ‘wheels for giuliettas’ post that will allow readers to make that connection for themselves.


  1. So the question is; how do we best keep the exhaust out of the cabins of our 105’s…what are the best tips learned so far? Please weigh in.

    • I have read several threads about this on the AlfaBB, and had some discussions. There is no one-size-fits-all fix since it can be attributed to a lot of different things. The big picture problems are: too much unburned fuel in the exhaust, too much ‘other stuff’ in the exhaust (a tired engine with a clogged air filter will have a lot of both of these), minimize these and you still have: an aerodynamic shape that creates a low pressure zone around the back of the car and in the cabin that draws exhaust in. A perfectly sealed rear end (thick plastic sheet under rear seats to fill all holes between cabin and trunk) will still get the smell because the crank case breather vents mostly to atmosphere (I say mostly because I’ve seldom seen an Alfa with the breather plumbed as new). Most Alfa engines have some amount of oil leaks that get ‘cooked’ on the outside of the engine -these don’t smell very good either. Add to all of these the typical unintended environmental body perforation regimen and how can you keep the smell out of the cabin. It is the rare boat tail Spider or GTV that doesn’t get any smell. I had a great GTV that just needed the heater fan running in the slow setting to pressurize the cabin enough to keep it smelling good.

      I hope this gives you some places to start thinking about this.

      • great points Matt, i reverted my GTV from webers back to the spica system because of this. My giulia spider seems to run fairly clean…

      • It’s mostly about unburned fuel. I was running a clogged air cleaner for a short while after an aggressive dirt stretch in the Sprint and the exhaust smell got pretty ferocious.


  2. “So the question is; how do we best keep the exhaust out of the cabins of our 105′s…”

    And the answer is: Guidare più velocemente – Drive faster !

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