Market 364: Fantastic early 750B 03811 in Switzerland

Update 4/16/13:  They all show up eventually it seems and this fellow is no exception -find it here on eBay.  Car body is described as having been restored in the Czech Republic, the mechanicals in Germany.  I suspect the owner handled a lot of the little details that would eat up hundreds of paid hours.  I can’t really comment on the asking price -I imagine the seller has quite a bit in it to have taken it to this level.  I am quite taken by this color -maybe a good choice for my Sprint. Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 5.05.34 PM Very very nice.    I need one of these front plate brackets.   Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 5.06.32 PM These are the rare early Sprint tail lights some of you have asked about.  Plate frame is interesting. Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 5.07.39 PM Is this interior gray available?  It’s got a striped pattern in one of the other pictures. Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 5.08.17 PM Not over done -just right.  Is that an original Tudor wash bottle. Giulietta 750B 1493*03811.  This car is available now on Anamera out of Switzerland.  No vin is stated, so if any of you happen to find out what it is, let me know, and get me some better pictures while you’re at it!  Price is 92,000 Swiss Franc’s, about $96,500 (didn’t realize the USD and CHF were so close).  Car is in Iseo blue, with small headlights, and looks to have been restored to the highest standard.  Alex, paint your SVC this color! Restoration skills?  Yes!  Photography Skills?  No!  Headlights are definitely the early smaller type.  I have read that the windshield on the very early ones is a slightly different shape at the top.  This color is a little butterier than the Spider in market 363. Look at that trunk lid and door fit.  Very nice.  Tail light lenses are the neat early type.  Wheels look to be standard Fergats.  I’ve read that a lot of the earliest Sprints had rolled lip Borrani’s. This door panel is superbly done. This all looks as good, or maybe better than new.  It’s a floor shift car.  I wonder what the blue Carello wrapper on the high-beam stock is about? Steering wheel is sweet looking.  Seats look a little overstuffed and the piping doesn’t go off diagonally to the corners for the last 4 inches like I’m used to seeing, but maybe that’s how it is on the early cars?  I guess they have scented pinetree’s all over the world. Not much to go on from this angle.  It has a Veloce filter/regulator.  Air filter can looks to be in original paint.  Marelli regulator?    Alas, I wish I had a better picture of all this. So this car is very nice and very expensive.  I dig the color, and the fit and finish of things is very good, but again, it’s very expensive. Would be interesting to see how it did at auction. Brings to mind this car: 750B 01149 from Market 98


7 thoughts on “Market 364: Fantastic early 750B 03811 in Switzerland

  1. Hi Matt

    It’s been for sale for over a year now……….I’m pretty sure it’s a ’57, the scuttle looks just like both of mine, there are some changes from the ’56 cars and the ’55 scuttles are very different. Door panels are correct for 750B, as are seats & seat pattern including the straight piping, it may be a floor shift now, but I’ll lay odds on it starting off life as a column shift – you can see the cut-out in the steering shroud on the Anamera site pictures and the 750 tunnel case didn’t use that tin ‘hat’ on top of the tunnel. The column shift was standard on the Sprints up to the end of ’55 and then intermittent from there up to chassis 1493*07300, whereafter the floor shift was standardised. Split case arrived around September ’58. Anamera pics show two extra holes for dash switches on the LHS of the steering wheel. Some under bonnet details are also wrong. I think the price is a little high considering some elementary mistakes in the resto.

  2. So This is what my car could look like one of these day. I have been trying to make up my mind if it was celest or iseo blue. now that i see this car i can see that it looks closer to what remains of color on the dash on my car.
    It has removed all question of what i am going to paint it. Not the red it is now
    A. Stone

    • You have one up on me. I don’t have an early 750B Sprint to worry about paint colors for.

      Go for it, this is a great color!!


    • My theory is that they changed the name whenever they ordered a new vat of paint -maybe yearly, so that the same color name wouldn’t end up with two shades.


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