2013 pledge drive

Update 4/11/13: It’s hard to come up with words appropriate to covey the appreciation I have for all of your support and participation in the site.  Thank you all very much!!

I *think* everyone who is supposed to have a T shirt has gotten one.  -if not let me know.

Update 3/31/13:  It’s rabbit egg day and thanks to all of you the bills are paid and I can make some more progress on my plan to index the site and create a database for the reference resources I have been gathering and normalizing.  Back to the regularly scheduled program!  Oh, and I owe a handfull of you all T shirts!  I’ll send some emails on Monday morning.  One of you asked me whether I might consider adding Lancia’s to the channel line up.  I have considered it, and having worked on them, owned several and currently owning two makes me as much of an authority as is needed to give commentary so perhaps I will.

It’s that time of year again where I get my renewal notices for services related to the site.  It’s been an interesting year – hanging out with Rufus, working on getting a business (or few) off the ground, moving shop three times and home once, and squeezing a few minutes out here and here to add something to the site.  I really need to index the site properly soon as I can’t find some posts I know are on here somewhere -so look for that in the near future.


Rufus loves oranges!  Nice cable knit sweater Ruf!

One of my first posts (Afshin’s well bought SS) to the site was done in late April 2008, meaning my fifth anniversary is nigh.  This will be my 786th post to the site and you might be the 1,000,000th visitor to the site.  If you comment it may be the 3000th comment I’ve received.  Not bad for the upstart!


The Appia is now a nearly fully functional thing.  Too bad I don’t really have time to mess with it.  Maybe I’m dim, but I only noticed recently that Lancia’s of this era are named after Italian roads.  Via Appia, Via Flaminia, Via Fulvia etc.  Is it universal?

I’ve resisted placing advertising on the site (though WordPress puts some in occasionally – nothing I can do about that), preferring to do these pledge drives.   So, if you’ve found this site entertaining, helpful etc, please consider donating something to it (link has details how to do it).  I realize my posts of late have been sporadic, but I have no intention of giving up now after coming so far, especially since SS’s and other neat Giulietta’s are still coming out of the wood work.

I have a few black T shirts left -a couple XL’s and maybe 1 or 2 mediums and larges, so if you want a shirt speak up now, or lets say they will be gifts to any donator of $30 or more while supplies last and I have their size.

Last, I’ve put out appeals in the past for submissions to the site, if anyone wants to contribute I’d be grateful, this is after all your site.


1957 Ducati 175.  Hmmm.  Neat thing.


9 thoughts on “2013 pledge drive

  1. Hi Matt I will sort you out a some $ how do you make the payment?
    I have an article in the giuliettaletta I would love to run with you? I assume you have your copy by now so you will know what I mean, my T shirt arrived and is brill
    all the best Dave ward

  2. Matt,
    Because I have enjoyed your site for a number of years now, I have sent you some $$$ with the hope that you will continue to enlighten us and that Rufus can still be “styling”. I have not sent any recent submissiond but, as you might know, this winter has been pretty brutal in the Northeast and most if not all Giuliettas are hibernating. I will try to do a bit better this year and keep you abreast ( and maybe amused) of my racing adventures driving my 59 Sprint.
    If a medium black t-shirt is still available, I certainly would wear proudly.

  3. Hi Matt
    I would like to buy one XL and one Medium size shirts in exchange of 60 $ .
    Please give instructions on how to accomplish that.
    In addition since I like very much what you do
    Could you expand it to Lancia too?

  4. Ok, I’ll bite, too. My contribution amount will depend on if you have another XL t shirt available. Also, can you post some info on the 750 that recently (Gooding, I think) sold for over $100k? Thanks, Bill

  5. Hi Matt. Sent a donation for this year. Keep up the great work, really appreciate receiving the Alfa Romeo Giuliettas newsletter from you. Always interesting. Would like an XL T sometime, maybe in your new grey? Regards. Gavin

  6. Lancia named his first cars after their HP rating, but in 1919 retroactively renamed them by the Greek alphabet, using that system for about a decade. After the Dilambda of 1929, road and place names were used, through the Fulvia, and after that we got the Stratos, and from there on it seems to be back to the Greek, though I’m not sure how the Musa or Dedra fit in.

    My wifes first car was an Appia 3rd S sedan, so you’re off to a good start. Our friend Mike Space (actually, he found the Appia for her way back when) took a ratty looking 2nd S sedan to Fairfield Concours in 2011 (behind the Caddy), and got nearly as much attention as the Cunningham C3.



    That’s also his Volvo 544 ice racing…

    BTW, Matt, if you don’t already have it, may I suggest a copy of “La Lancia”?

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