Market 467: Very nice original 10123 373589 -SOLD!

Giulia Spider 10123*373589, 00112*03357.  Reader Larry hipped me to the sale of this car -at $80,000 probably the most expensive white 1600 Normale ever to sell…?  It is a documented 28,779 mile car.  It is beautiful.  It has had a ton of very sympathetic work done.  Check it out!


Another very compelling composition!  I’d be more than happy to drive this around.


Breathtaking, but am I the only one getting tired of an engine compartment full of vinyl stickers?  I think it’s just the Pirelli stickers that put it over the edge for me.


Good company!


By way of details.  Exceptionally clean and well presented.


This is all claimed to be original.

I wonder how many of these time warp cars are out there?


3 thoughts on “Market 467: Very nice original 10123 373589 -SOLD!

  1. That was a nice car. Big article in HMN Sports and Exotic Cars a while back. Had some nose work and was wet sanded. I corresponded with the owner before the dealership acquired it. The real deal.

  2. I have one too. A late1957 Giulietta Spider in very good original condition. Have been with me since April 28, 1958. Una bella maccina.

  3. the gauges on the white Giulia spider above differ from those on my ’63 Spider; the tach and fuel, oil and water temp, may be Giulietta or a factory hold over

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