Market 466: Shin’s SS 380596 for sale in California

Giulia SS 10121*380596.  This car is available right now from Shin Yoshikawa -a name you may recognize if you have or have seen one of those cool cut-away type illustrations of Alfa’s -I think I have one of his TZ2 posters.  This SS is a time-warp of a sort -having some detailing that most SS owners today would change -like the hot-roddy red and white interior.  Asking price is a reasonable seeming $100,000 -hard to say that considering the best ones were $40,000 when I started this blog.



Looks nice. -especially hanging out with it’s older brother -a 10120.  Is that wind deflector red?


No clean and tidy awards under here.  They seem to work better when they look like this though.


I suspect this trunk lid has been bumped and repaired.  The shape is a little off.


Body Number -almost as good as a VIN.


Looks like 1950’s fiberglass boat seats.  I’d go all red.  Originally a gray or?  car?


I’m not much of a personalized plate guy but I think I’d run with this one!



Shin cheating at lawnmower racing!


2 thoughts on “Market 466: Shin’s SS 380596 for sale in California

    • The body stamp on an SS is on the lip at the top of the firewall (the scuttle to some of you) above the heater duct intake on the right side.


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